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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Hayden Michaels
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife (status unknown)
Jake (son)
Unnamed son (status unknown)
Unnamed daughter (status unknown)
CityLas Vegas
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By David Newsom
First Appearance Compulsion
Hayden Michaels is a budding serial killer and rapist who appeared in season five of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Little is known about his past however at some point he became the manager of The Four Aces Hotel in Las Vegas. He also soon began to stalk Sue Stein and attempt to coerce her into having sex with him, though this was unsuccessful. As time went by he began to move close to the event of killing and raping her. Eventually, he did rape her and stab her death in her hotel room, there he began his thirst for killing.


Michaels then found another woman to target, a woman who was a guest at his hotel called Martha Krell. As Martha was proceeding to enter her room, he grabbed her from behind and dragged her into the room, he then proceeded to rape her several times before stabbing her many times. He then thoroughly cleans up the room to leave behind no evidence using bleach and other detergents, leaving behind only his semen which couldn't be traced due to him having a double vasectomy.

As soon as the murder is called in, Michaels lies to Jim Brass saying that he had nothing to do with it and that he will help LVPD in anyway he can. He also tries to persuade Brass not to let the media discover the murder because it would be bad for his hotel however Brass ignores this.

After Grissom and the rest of the team were at a dead end, they decided to check on the staff of the hotel who had access to bleach. It was then that Grissom discovered that Hayden had a double vasectomy due to his re-marriage, this causes Brass to arrest Hayden especially since he has access to the bleach but there is still little evidence against him.

In the interrogation room, after Grissom describes how much of a psychopath Michaels is, Sara Sidle comes in and claims that the suitcase she is holding was a souvenir from his murder. Michaels becomes outraged and says that she couldn't take this souvenir from his car do this without a warrant. But then to his horror, Sara opens the suitcase to reveal a tape recorder. Sara reveals that the case is her own and that his reaction to the case is enough for them to actually get a real warrant and be able to search his car. They then search his car and find the real suitcase he stole as a souvenir of the murder. He is then incarcerated.

Known Victims

  • Sue Klein (raped, then stabbed)
  • Martha Krell (raped, then stabbed excessively)

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