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WriterSarah Goldfinger
DirectorJean de Segonzac
Original AirdateNovember 16, 2006

"Happenstance" is the eighth episode in the seventh season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs investigate the death of two identical twins within a two hour time frame, on opposite sides of town. When the team discovers that the twins knew nothing of each other, they begin to wonder if the two cases are connected, or just a very bizarre coincidence.

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Joanna Going as Amanda Sinclair/Jill Case
  • Valerie Mahaffey as Dora Pomerantz
  • Frank Grillo as Gary Sinclair
  • Harry van Gorkum as Jake Lenoir
  • J.C. MacKenzie as Dr. Gus Hoffman
  • Saige Thompson as Tiffany Hughes
  • Kelly Smith as Alison Schram
  • Maxwell Huckabee as Henry Sinclair
  • Sarai Givaty as Natal Peled


  • On one version of the CSI DVD sets released, this episode says it has commentary by Eva La Rue (who stars on CSI: Miami), on the inside and on the disc itself, however, on the back of the DVD case where it lists all the episodes that have commentary, this one is not included, nor does it give you that option when watching the episode. It wouldn't make sense any way since she does not appear in the episode.
  • Hodges refers to the victim's car as having been damaged by "the sabra's key". "Sabra" is a term used to describe a native-born Israeli (Natal, in this case); it literally means "prickly pear."
  • In the beginning, Grissom is looking at a letter that mentions an entomology seminar and it suggests that he take a sabbatical. This foreshadows William Peterson leaving the show in order to star in a play for three episodes.


Catherine: Well, I got a phone and keys, but no purse.
Nick: Mugging?
Catherine: Take the purse but leave the Lexus?
Nick: Yeah, that's not real savvy, is it?

Nick: Nothing quite says "I love you" like "I killed your wife so we can be together."

Warrick: What would she have done if she didn't have a second story?
Grissom: Every death has at least two stories.

Warrick (while holding up a pair of fuzzy handcuffs): I found her naughty drawer.
Greg: My favorite part of any bedroom search.

Sara (walks in as Grissom reads a book): I heard the guys solved a double murder.
Grissom: Mmhmm.
Sara: I spent the day sitting on a bench outside the courtroom. They never got to me.
Grissom: That sucks.
Sara: Feeling transcendental?
Grissom: Hmm?
Sara: Thoreau? I uh... I haven't read him since college.
Grissom: Me neither. It holds up. "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
(Sara smiles and looks down towards a crossword puzzle)
Sara (amused): Oh, look. You missed one; 63 down. "Misanthrope." (Grissom and Sara stares at each other for a moment before Sara flashes a flirtatious smile) I won't wait up. (walks out, leaving Grissom to stare thoughtfully after her)

Doc Robbins: DNA has been sent out but this is one case where I don't need to wait for results.
Warrick: Identical twins? You've gotta be kidding.
Catherine: They're even wearing the same toe nail polish.
Doc Robbins: And both wore the same watch.
Warrick: Oh, that's just too much.
Catherine: Well, 8-year-olds dressing alike, I kinda get. But grown women? That's weird.
Doc Robbins: Well, some people like it. I'm a twin.
Warrick: Really?
Doc Robbins: Well, I was. My twin died in utero. My mother didn't tell me about it until I was an adult. When I decided to become a coroner, she blamed herself. She said it was because I had spent so many days living next to a dead body.

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