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Gum Drops
WriterSarah Goldfinger
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateOctober 20, 2005
Previous Episode: Shooting Stars
Next Episode: Secrets and Flies

Gum Drops is fifth episode in season six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Nick becomes the lead on a case where a family of four is missing, but three pools of blood are found in their home.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Melora Walters as Sage
  • Michael McGrady as Dennis Brackett
  • Scott Paulin as Dr. Malcolm Parker
  • Mary Matilyn Mouser as Cassie McBride
  • Jennifer Savidge as Jill Locke
  • Matt Funke as Mark Horvatin
  • Trever O'Brien as Peter Locke
  • Lindsey Ginter as Chris Daniels
  • Chase Ryan Jeffery as Luke Daniels
  • Hunter Parrish as Jeremy McBride
  • Don Michael Paul as Mark Horvatin Sr.
  • Mark Pellegrino as Elliot Perlota
  • Mark Vanselow as Driver


  • When Nick has an altercation in the interrogation room, a single tear falls down from the boy's left eye. When the shot changes to a different angle, the tear is coming down from his right eye.


  • At the beginning of the episode Nick tells the officer: "Begin at the beginning." At the end of the episode, he says the same thing to Cassie: "We'll begin at the beginning." Thus, the circle is closed.
  • This is the first time that Nick gave the final one-liner before the opening theme.
  • Once again, the whole crime scene had not been checked by the police before the CSIs were called, thus leading to Sara to find the marijuana room downstairs on her own.
  • Cassie's handmade card to Nick reads: Thanks for finding me. From: Cassie. To: Good Guys. About: Bad Guys.


  • The plot of the episode was originally going to be how Grissom was convinced that Cassie was still alive. However, when William Petersen's nephew died, he flew home and was unavailable for the filming of the episode so it became that Nick was still convinced that Cassie was still alive.

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