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{{Episode (Las Vegas)||title=Grissom Versus the Volcano
|title=Grissom Versus the Volcano
|season=Season 4
|number=Episode 9
|series= Las Vegas
|writer=Josh Berman, Carol Mendelsohn and Anthony E. Zuiker
|director=Richard J. Lewis
|date=December 11, 2003
|writer=[[Josh Berman]]<br>[[Carol Mendelsohn]]<br>[[Anthony E. Zuiker]]
|previous=[[After the Show]]
|director=[[Richard J. Lewis]]
|next=[[Coming of Rage]]}}'''Grissom Versus the Volcano''' is the ninth episode of season 4 of {{LV}}
|date=December 11, 2003}}'''Grissom Versus the Volcano''' is the ninth episode of season four of {{LV}}

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Grissom Versus the Volcano
WriterJosh Berman
Carol Mendelsohn
Anthony E. Zuiker
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateDecember 11, 2003

Grissom Versus the Volcano is the ninth episode of season four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


When the new sheriff is witness to a car bombing that kills an air marshal and two others, he puts pressure on Grissom to find the murderer. Nick puts the bomb back together, finding out it was a pipe bomb connected to to a timer in the dash board. Remains of the bomb lead Grissom, Catherine and Nick to a high school science fair. Meanwhile Warrick and Sara look into the death of the wife of a popular singer. With help from Greg, Warrick and Sara find out that the wife committed suicide via poison.

Major Events


  • While searching a home, Sara mentions she will start with the west wing. Actress Jorja Fox appeared in several episodes of The West Wing.

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