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The Greek Antique Smugglers were a group of criminals responsible for stealing Greek antiques, smuggling them into America, and selling them for a profit (thus their title). They are also responsible for the death of several people who got in the way of their business. They were prominently active season five of CSI:NY.


Season 5

The Cost of Living

Forbidden Fruit

Point of No Return


Grounds for Deception

Known Members

  • George Kolovos (deceased)
  • Sebastian Diakos (deceased)
  • Kostas Papakota (deceased)
  • Tasso Papakota (deceased)

Known Victims

  • The following were attacked by Sebastian Diakos:
    • Wolford Bessie
    • Stella Bonasera (attempted to kill after gaining information; she escaped)
    • Declan Rooney
  • The following were attacked by George Kolovos:
    • Sebastian Diakos (member)
    • Kostas Papakota (member; attempted to kill, but Kostas was killed by Tasso)
  • The following were attacked by Tasso Papakota:
    • George Kolovos (member)
    • Stella Bonasera (attempted to kill twice in her Greece apartment and later in the fields shootout; was saved by Kostas)
    • Kostas Papakota
    • Mac Taylor (attempted to kill in the fields shootout)


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