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Grave Young Men
WriterLois Johnson
DirectorPeter Markle
Original AirdateApril 14, 2003
Previous Episode: Double Cap
Next Episode: Spring Break

Grave Young Men is the twentieth episode in season one of CSI: Miami.


Horatio is asked by a parolee for his help in finding his missing son, Horatio discovers that the son may be planning to attack his school. Meanwhile, Speedle is investigating the death of a man who has a promiscuous girlfriend.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

 Guest Cast Edit

  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Hayden Tank as Raymond Caine Jr
  • Michael Whaley as Detective Bernstein
  • Chris Penn as Pete Wilton
  • Rena Sofer as Alison
  • Eric Ladin as Jeff Wilton
  • Dayton Callie as Officer Mac Adams
  • Whip Hubley as Nick Gordon
  • Aaron Paul as Ben Gordon
  • Chad Gordon as Mark Hubbard
  • Robert Alan Beuth as Principal Bill Roland
  • Ta'sia Sherel as DNA Tech
  • Beau Mirchoff as Jared Hatch

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