Grand Master

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Grand Master
Grand Master
WriterZachary Rieter
DirectorKevin Bray
Original AirdateOctober 27, 2004

Grand Master is the fourth episode in season one of CSI: NY.


When DJ Banner wins a DJ contest, he is found dead in the alleyway outside the club. Deborah Gayle, a fashion designer is found dead in her apartment pool by her unconcerned assistant due to blowfish poisoning.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Olivia Burnette as Madison Haynes
  • Chayton Arvin as Samir Persaud
  • Shi Ne Nielson as Mitchiko Muzawa
  • Long Nguyen as Mitsuo Katsui
  • Matias Masucci as DJ Francais
  • Maya Rubin as Monique
  • Symba Smith as Deborah Gayle
  • Ruel as Christopher Marcus/DJ Banner
  • Ricky Harris as Disco Placid
  • Billy Aaron Brown as George Thomas
  • Dorian Missick as MC Jayden Prince
  • Master P as Kevin Vick
  • Jaerin Washington as Club-Goer


  • "An Open Letter to NYC" by Beastie Boys.
  • "Break the Grip of Shame (the final call)" by Paris.
  • "Headsprung" by LL Cool J.
  • "50ft Mole Man" by Ming & FS.
  • "Acetone" by The Crystal Method.
  • "Cool Change" by Tonal.
  • "Pay Close Attention" by Brother El.


Aiden: Yeah, like a DJ legend: Grand Master Flash or a Jam Master Jay. They paved the way for guys like Dre' and Cube, Eminem and Jermaine Dupri. You like music like that?
Mac: I prefer Crunk myself.


  • The Wilhelm Scream, a stock sound effect that was developed in the early 1950's for the film Distant Drums, can be heard near the beginning of Act 2 in this episode.
  • When Christopher Marcus' two signatures are being compared, a spelling mistake is clearly visible. The phrase "any breech of regulati..." is visible. It should have said "breach..."
  • Disco Placid who is helping Aiden and Mac with the phone recording also helped Grissom in the CSI episode Anonymous.
  • Symba Smith, who plays Deborah Gayle, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode In the Wind.

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