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Got Murder?
WriterSarah Goldfinger
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateJanuary 16, 2003

Got Murder? is the twelfth episode of season three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When a raven is spotted with a human eyeball in its beak, it's up to Catherine, Nick and Sara to find the rest of the body and the killer. Meanwhile, a normal autopsy turns into a special one when the victim isn't dead. Doc Robbins and David manage to save his life, only to have him die later. Grissom and Warrick then try to find out who wanted the man dead.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Nora Easton
  • Joey Slotnick as Marty Gibson
  • Allison Smith as Nancy Linden
  • Rebecca Boyd as Kelly Easton
  • Candace Edwards as Medical Examiner
  • Marc Lynn as Clyde Hinton
  • Joel McKinnon Miller as Ornithologist #1
  • David Starzyk as Fred Stearns
  • Michael O'Keefe as Daniel Easton
  • Colton James as Charlie Easton
  • Doan Ly as Jessie Menken
  • Joe Ochman as Man #2
  • Jules Sylvester as Jake

Episode TitleEdit

  • Got Murder? makes reference to the famous Got Milk? advertisement.


  • Nora's false pregnancy condition is an actual condition called pseudocyesis, as Catherine described, it causes pregnancy symptoms to occur without conception.


  • Catherine takes apart a raven's nest, she takes out a baby toy and puts it aside. Then she shows the nest to Grissom and the toy is back in the nest.


Warrick: Hey, I hear David's resurrecting the dead now.
Grissom (chuckles): Yeah, our little miracle worker.

Catherine (to Robbins): Heard you got to be superhero today.
Doc Robbins: I consider myself a superhero every day.

Warrick (to Grissom): You ever buy a brand-new car, Griss?
Grissom: Depreciation doesn't make it a logical investment.
Warrick: It's not about logic. It's about that smell. There's nothing like the smell of a brand-new car.

Warrick (to Marty): You know it's illegal in the state of Nevada to have venomous snakes?
Marty: If you handle them correctly, snakes are harmless. I know what I'm doing.
Grissom: Yeah, that's what we're afraid of.

Marty: You going to arrest me for blurring the lines?
Grissom: No. We were leaning towards murder.

Featured MusicEdit

  • Half Life by The Sneaker Pimps.

See AlsoEdit

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