Gone Baby Gone

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'''Gone Baby Gone''' is the eighth episode of Season 7 of CSI: Miami.

Gone Baby Gone
Gone Baby Gone
WriterDominic Abeyta
DirectorCarey Meyer
Original AirdateNovember 17, 2008
Previous Episode: Cheating Death
Next Episode: Power Trip


A 10-month-old girl, Sophie Walsh, is snatched from her mother at an outdoor restaurant by a man and a woman. Soon, a $500,000 ransom is demanded, but Calleigh urges the parents not to pay it to ensure the girl is kept alive. The investigation reveals the person behind the kidnapping may be someone closer to the case than at first imagined.

Examination of the crime scene by Wolfe and Horatio uncovers the baby's clothing, and DNA evidence leads them to a man; Marty Ellis. However, when they locate him, he is dead.

A baseball thrown through a window of the house a week earlier leads the CSIs to a neighbour, who is a photographer who takes portraits of the neighbourhood children, and he states that the baby's brother, Keith, is a problem child.

Meanwhile, Keith has swiched sim cards in the cell phones, and has stolen $100 000 from his parents in order to make the drop, despite the fact that Calleigh has told the Walsh family specifically not to pay the ransom, and to let the CSIs handle it.

Delko catches up to Keith too late - he has already made the drop (which is $400 000 short of the demanded ransom, endangering his sister's life doubly), and the money is gone by the time the CSIs arrive. However, a pacifier found at the scene of the crime reveals information. DNA evidence then shows that despite the fact that it is indeed Sophie's pacifer, Stuart Walsh is not Sophie's biological father as previously believed.

Brad Garland, the photographer, is revealed to be Sophie's real father, due to a one time affair with Joy Walsh, leading Garland to be suspected again, as Horatio states "most abductions involve a biological parent".

The bullet pulled out of Ellis fragmented into at least 17 pieces upon impact inside him, but Calleigh is able to recreate a virtual 3D image of the bullet, despite missing pieces. They match the bullet to one used in a previous robbery, and track down the woman, Carla Hoyle, and arrest her. She no longer has the baby, having given her to the maitre d' at the restaurant from earlier in the day.

Rodriego Sanchez is the man who restrained Joy when Marty and Carla kidnapped Sophie, and Carla identifies him as the man who hired them to kidnap the baby after he caught them committing credit card fraud at the restaurant.

Natalia and Trip go to the restaurant, and find a hollow section in Sanchez's locker. In it, is one of Garland's photographs of Joy and Sophie, causing the CSI's to suspect them as partners.

it turns out that Garland, having suspected he was Sophie's father, had done a paternity test, usng the baseball to gain entry into the Walsh house and get samples. After consulting a lawer, he found out that he had no legal claim to Sophie, and so hired people to do his dirty work for him.

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