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Ghost in the Machine
WriterRichard Catalani,
Carly Soteras
DirectorAlex Zakrzewski
Original AirdateMay 12, 2015
Previous Episode: Click Your Poison
Next Episode: Bit by Bit

Ghost in the Machine is the eleventh episode in season one of CSI: Cyber.


After the death of a teenager, the cyber team hunt a killer who hacks into popular online games in order to convince vulnerable teenagers to deliver dark-web purchased weapons.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alexie Gilmore as Devon Atwood
  • Antonio Jaramillo as Viper75
  • René Ashton as Mrs. Chapman
  • Max Barakat as Spencer Chapman
  • Stephanie Drake as Jessica Pope
  • Dejon LaQuake as Micah Gordon
  • Sam Tan as Corey Smith
  • Mark Totty as Mr. Chapman
  • Karl T. Wright as Phil Gordon
  • Alysson Da Silva as Civilian
  • Chris Grabher as Trigger
  • Lisagaye Tomlinson as Jasmine Nelson

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