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Main Character: Miami
Name Francis "Frank" Tripp
Gender Male
Birth Date June 7, 1950
Family Ex-Wife, Melissa
3 children
Job Homicide Detective
Rank Sergeant
Specialty Warrants, Background checks, Paper Trail
Status Living
Portrayed By Rex Linn
First Appearance Seasons 1-10
Det. Sgt. Francis "Frank" Tripp (Rex Linn) (Season 5-10; Recurring Seasons 1-4) is a Texan homicide detective who regularly accompanies the team to the crime scenes.


Frank Tripp is from Texas. He has a gruff appreciation for the capabilities of the CSIs and their excellent results. He has a good working relationship with all the CSIs, particularly Calleigh. He is divorced, with three kids "Dispo Day". He often uses sarcasm and shows disbelief at “modern terms” such as the cougar and the cub. After passing the Sergeant's Exam, Tripp was required to spend some time in uniform on a patrol rotation, but soon returned to the homicide unit and plainclothes duty "Guerillas in the Mist".

Personality & TraitsEdit

Frank is known for his short tempered, sarcastic personality. He has a quick wit and little patience for stupidity, so he is prone to lose his temper when suspects make up dumb answers to simple questions.

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