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For Warrick
For Warrick
WriterAllen MacDonald,
Richard J. Lewis,
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateOctober 9, 2008

"For Warrick" is first episode of the ninth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It is a continuation of the previous episode For Gedda.


After Warrick is killed, the entire team grieves for their fallen friend. While unknown to them, the killer, the Undersheriff, investigates the murder. Also, an old friend returns when she hears the news.

Plot Edit

Gil Grissom overhears the news of a shooting in the area he is in over the radio. He rushes to the alleyway, where he notices Warrick's Mustang, and finds a heavily bleeding Warrick Brown after he was shot by Undersheriff McKeen. Grissom urges Warrick to stay alive until help arrives. McKeen arrives and claims that he was chasing the "shooter" before he "lost" him. Warrick attempts to tell Grissom that McKeen has shot him, but dies in Grissom's arms. The rest of the team arrive, devistated by the death of Warrick. McKeen is questioned, where he claims that he heard a shot from nearby, saw a car fleeing the scene, and lost him. Meanwhile, Sara Sidle returns to Las Vegas after hearing the news of Warrick's death, where the team now believe that Warrick told the truth about someone framing him.

Looking for clues, Sara and Greg look through his apartment, and Greg finds a paternity test, where they learn he is a father, and find a DVD where he is questionned about whether he is willing to become a good father. Meanwhile, Nick Stokes sees a knuckly print on Warrick's car window, and since Warrick would never open the window to Daniel Pritchard, the man who framed Warrick, the team believes someone he knows, like McKeen must be the shooter. Grissom tests the theory out, by placing himself at the same position where McKeen said he heard the shot. He hears Nick and Catherine firing blanks just fine, but then notices that last night, the nightclub played loud music. Grissom has the club play the music, where this time, he couldn't hear the shot. The team later find that the bullets were a match to a .25 that Pritchard confiscated and prints on the ammo are McKeen's, meaning it was him that was the shooter, and that he may be working with Pritchard. Since he is the undersheriff, and is over the LVPD, the team decides to hunt him down without him finding out.

Meanwhile, in a motel room, McKeen visits Pritchard, where they plan to leave to Mexico, and believes that by the time the CSI team find out the truth, it would be too late, not knowing that they already know. Pritchard has his doubts about McKeen, and takes a gun that McKeen emptied without him knowing. The team trace McKeen's phone records to the motel room, since he called the number several times, and finds the room empty, though they are able to trace his location from his cell phone. However, during the search, they see McKeen's car crashed over the road, and finds Pritchard, dead. Nick follows a blood trail alone, where he soon finds McKeen with a gunshot wound in his stomach. McKeen attempts to convince Nick that he was going to take Pritchard to prison, where Nick angrilly tells him to stop lying. McKeen then confesses that he did kill Warrick, because he wouldn't listen to his warnings. While searching for Nick, Jim Brass hears a gunshot, and rushes to the scene, where he finds Nick and McKeen. McKeen is still alive, and Nick tells Brass that he missed, where McKeen is then arrested for the murder of Warrick.

In the end, the entire team attends Warrick's funeral. Grissom gives a eulogy, before tearfully admitting that he will miss Warrick, as well as the team.
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Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Quotes Edit

[When Nick finds McKeen]
Undersherrif McKeen: Thank god you're here. I was tryin' to bring Pritchard in.
Nick: Shut up.
Undersherrif McKeen: He got the drop on me, he grabbed my gun, I lost control...
Nick: I said SHUT UP!
Undersherrif McKeen: Okay, you wanna know why I did it? Warrick had a big mouth. You know, I just shot him. I'd try to warn him, but he was just too stupid to listen. You know, when I shot him, he had a big smile on his face. I told him that he could keep his job, I didn't have the heart to fire him.
Nick: Shut up!

Nick: McKeen's had this hotel room for four days, Pritchard's probably been holed up in here ever since he killed Gedda.
Brass: Pritchard's his problem solver. McKeen's protecting him.
Nick: Not anymore, he killed Warrick and now he needs a fall guy.
Greg: Which makes Pritchard a dead man.

Catherine: According to the log the gun was destroyed last July.
Grissom: Or not. Pritchard stole it from central property.
Catherine: He had to have somebody on the inside to fudge the records.
Grissom: Well, maybe Gedda had another cop on the take, but why would Pritchard kill Warrick with a gun that could be traced back to him.
Catherine: Because he didn't care, he's in the wind.

Grissom (about Warrick): He didn't wanna go, Sara.
Sara (pause): Tell me.
Grissom: I was holding him. God, I could feel his life. I guess I felt that if I could hold him tight enough, he'd be okay.
Sara: You know that there is no place in the world that he would have rather been at the end. He loved you.
Grissom (holding back tears): Yeah, I loved him.
(Catherine comes in and sees Sara. Sara walks up to her and hugs her)
Sara (while hugging Catherine): I'm so sorry.
Catherine: It's so good that we can all be together.
(Greg and Nick walk in and Sara hugs them both)

Grissom: As crime scene investigators, we meet people on the worst day of their lives. They've just lost a family member, somebody they loved, often in a horrible way. A piece of their heart is gone, and will never be replaced. The phrase we're trained to offer them, "I'm sorry for your loss", as we know now, doesn't offer much. Warrick Brown was a young boy when his parents passed away. Much too young to learn that life can be so tragically short. But I think that it taught him how precious life is, and so he lived his life to the fullest, each day as if it was his last day. I was with Warrick on his last day. All the qualities that defined him, his tenaciousness, his deep sense of loyalty, his courage to risk his life for what he knew was right, all those traits were with him on that last day. Just before he died, we were all having breakfast together. Our team. His friends. His family. And Warrick was... he was ... (sobs) I'm going to miss him so much.

Background notes Edit

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