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Flash Squad
Flash Squad
WriterScotty McKnight
DirectorHoward Deutch
Original AirdateMarch 9, 2016
Previous Episode: 5 Deadly Sins
Next Episode: Legacy

Flash Squad is the seventeenth episode in season two of CSI: Cyber.


Users of a traffic app are being rerouted to remote locations and robbed by masked women.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kelly Preston as Greer Latimore
  • Shani Atias as Sophia
  • Sean Blakemore as Director Silver
  • Spencer Locke as Madison Brooks
  • Gabriel Tigerman as Blake Jennings
  • Allison Brown as Riley Van Lowe
  • Edward Finlay as Joel Matthews
  • Maurice Hall as Charity Board Member
  • John Tague as Man
  • Skyler Hart as Victor Van Lowe
  • Barrett James as LAPD Officer

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