Fight Night

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Fight Night
WriterAndrew Lipsitz,
Naren Shankar
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateNovember 14, 2002

Fight Night is the seventh episode of season three of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom, Warrick and Sara investigate when a boxer dies in the ring during 'Fight Night'. Nick quickly solves a robbery at a jewelry store, but finds reason not to close the case just yet. Catherine investigates when a gang member is shot at a parking lot.


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Main CastEdit

(Credit order)

Recurring RoleEdit

  • Christopher Wiehl as Hank Peddigrew
  • Skip O'Brien as Detective Ray O'Riley
  • Geoffrey Rivas as Detective Sam Vega
  • Gerald McCullouch as Bobby Dawson
  • Terry Bozeman as Attorney Brad Lewis
  • Joseph Patrick Kelly as Officer Joe Metcalf

Guest StarsEdit

  • Roma Maffia as Adelle Cross
  • Khalil Kain as Jerome 'The Man' Anderson
  • Greg Serano as Javier Molina
  • Jennifer Aspen as Mrs. Ramsey
  • Ron Canada as Gerry Barone
  • Richard Biggs as Anderson's Attorney
  • Rick Aiello as Boxing Referee (creited as Ricky Aiello)
  • Ryan Cutrona as Cut Man
  • Marty Rackham as Mack Ramsey
  • Gary Carlos Cervantes as Molina's Chief Traine
  • Dawn Marie Church as Jewelry Store Manager
  • Peter Cunningham as LaRoi Steele (creited as Pete Cunningham)
  • Rick Fitzgerald as Randy James
  • Charley Rossman as Officer Beltran
  • Mikaela Brownas Girlfriend (uncredited)
  • Patrick A. Horton as Nevada Gaming Commissioner (uncredited)
  • Robert Paul Lewis as Nevada Gaming Commissioner (uncredited)
  • Shane Russeck as Corner Man (uncredited)
  • Larnell Stovall as Timothy 'Tiny Tim' Fontaine (uncredited)
  • Ernesto Trinidad as Ring Side Photographer (uncredited)


  • Sara can't handle dealing with saliva. She smiles to control her gag reflex when dealing with the spit bucket.
  • All of the crimes take place in the same building.

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