Field Mice

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Field Mice
Field Mice
WriterWallace Langham
DirectorBrad Tanenbaum
Original Airdate15 April, 2010

Field Mice is the eighteenth episode of the tenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Hodges and Wendy pose as CSIs to impress a group of "Crime Cadets" and get some help in solving a crime, and Hodges becomes jealous when Henry asks Wendy out. Meanwhile, Nick and Greg solve a bacteria outbreak at the police station.


  • The two 'field mice' teens, Lucas Gabreel and Cassi Thomson, later reunited as regulars on the ABC family series, "Switched at Birth".


  • When Langston and Hodges are in the lab, Langston quotes "You are great, I am great" from Star Trek. However, they mistakenly attribute the quote to the M5 computer, instead of the creator, Richard Daystrom.


Henry Andrews: Remember that time you said that thing about you having a higher commitment to the lab and the pursuit of justice?

David Hodges: Yeah, I may have said that more than once.

Henry Andrews: Yeah, you have.

David Hodges: Car trouble?

Henry Andrews: Yeah, no kidding. This ruins my whole lunch break and I had things to do!

David Hodges: You know, Henry, maybe you should stay out of parking garages. Bad things seem to happen to you there.

Wendy Simms: Hey, I saw you and Henry in the hall earlier, and...

David Hodges: Look, I haven't been messing with Henry. I'm not trying to spoil your date and I hope that you guys have a very nice life together.

Wendy Simms: I really wasn't trying to blame you for anything. I was just checking in.

David Hodges: Why are your hands in your pockets?

Wendy Simms: (akwardly): Because I'm socially akward and it gives me a sense of security.

David Hodges: (throws a cardboard box at her head. When she doesn't take her hands out, he continues): You know, after Henry accused me I suspected that someone was trying to pin their practical jokes on me so... I mixed up a little something called "Detection Spray" and I put it all over the surfaces that I thought Henry would most vulnerable to pranks, including his locker. It's essentially a ninhydrin solution that goes on clear and reacts with the animo salts in perspiration, leavin a stain on anyone who touches it. And the more that the person tries to wash it off, the more the stain spreads.

Wendy Simms: That's really fascinating - I should go

(starts to leave)

David Hodges: It can last up to five days. You may want to wear a dress with pockets tonight.

Wendy Simms (stops and turns around. After a moment, she takes her hands out and shows him the stain): I'm not proud of this.


  • Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lucas Gabreel as Guillermo Seidel
  • Cassi Thomson as Katy
  • Chris Coy as Melvin Dodge
  • Beth Littleford as Nurse Mona
  • Inbal Amirav as Stacia Borala
  • Kendrick Sampson as Derrick Gold
  • Steve Cameron as Officer Jenkins (uncredited)

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