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Field Mice
Field Mice
WriterWallace Langham
DirectorBrad Tanenbaum
Original Airdate15 April, 2010

Field Mice is the eighteenth episode in season ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Hodges and Wendy pose as CSIs to impress a group of "Crime Cadets" and get some help in solving a crime, and Hodges becomes jealous when Henry asks Wendy out. Meanwhile, Nick and Greg solve a bacteria outbreak at the police station.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

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  • Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. (The song was heard on Hodges' car radio when he comes up to Henry when his radiator started steaming. It was used before on Season 7 episode Lab Rats, when Hodges said to Wendy it was his lucky day)

Quotes Edit

Henry Andrews: Remember that time you said that thing about you having a higher commitment to the lab and the pursuit of justice?

David Hodges: Yeah, I may have said that more than once.

Henry Andrews: Yeah, you have.

David Hodges: Car trouble?

Henry Andrews: Yeah, no kidding. This ruins my whole lunch break and I had things to do!

David Hodges: You know, Henry, maybe you should stay out of parking garages. Bad things seem to happen to you there.

Wendy Simms: Hey, I saw you and Henry in the hall earlier, and...

David Hodges: Look, I haven't been messing with Henry. I'm not trying to spoil your date and I hope that you guys have a very nice life together.

Wendy Simms: I really wasn't trying to blame you for anything. I was just checking in.

David Hodges: Why are your hands in your pockets?

Wendy Simms: (akwardly): Because I'm socially akward and it gives me a sense of security.

David Hodges: (throws a cardboard box at her head. When she doesn't take her hands out, he continues): You know, after Henry accused me I suspected that someone was trying to pin their practical jokes on me so... I mixed up a little something called "Detection Spray" and I put it all over the surfaces that I thought Henry would most vulnerable to pranks, including his locker. It's essentially a ninhydrin solution that goes on clear and reacts with the animo salts in perspiration, leavin a stain on anyone who touches it. And the more that the person tries to wash it off, the more the stain spreads.

Wendy Simms: That's really fascinating - I should go

(starts to leave)

David Hodges: It can last up to five days. You may want to wear a dress with pockets tonight.

Wendy Simms (stops and turns around. After a moment, she takes her hands out and shows him the stain): I'm not proud of this.

Goofs Edit

  • When Langston and Hodges are in the lab, Langston quotes "You are great, I am great" from Star Trek. However, they mistakenly attribute the quote to the M5 computer, instead of the creator, Richard Daystrom.

Trivia Edit

  • The two 'field mice' teens, Lucas Gabreel and Cassi Thomson, later reunited as regulars on the ABC family series, "Switched at Birth".

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