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Minor Character: New York
Name Evan Westcott
Gender Male
CityNew York
Occupation Budding Assassin
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jeff Hephner
First Appearance Unspoken
Evan Westcott was an attempted murderer who appeared in the ninth season of CSI: NY


Three years prior to Unspoken, Westcott, who worked as a public schoolteacher, was investigated on the orders of Beverly McCord, the principal of the school he worked at, when she witnessed him touching a female student's injured leg, inspecting a scrape on her knee after she had fallen and then hugged her to assure her it was fine, interpreting the way he did so, as possible molestation. Consequently, he spent six months without pay, while he was being investigated. After being cleared, it took him another year to get his job back. Consequently, he quit his job and his anger grew towards her, causing him to steal a gun from Grant Hamilton's yacht.


He then attended a party that he was invited to that Hamilton held several months before and attempted to shoot Beverly, while she stood on the stage with him at the press conference, but missed, grazing Hamilton. In the aftermath, Lindsay Monroe-Messer received a head injury and was knocked unconscious, after seeing Westcott shoot at the stage. He then visited her in the hospital she was taken to and wrote a message on the window, after fogging up the glass, "I'm Sorry," unintentionally leaving a finger print, which lead to his arrest.

After the shooting, he ran through an alley, which two kids were playing, a boy and a girl named Aimee. He dumped the gun in a dumpster, then hopped the fence. The kids then looked inside the dumpster, causing the boy to pull out the gun. He ejected the magazine, and, while playing with the gun, pointed it at Aimee, accidentally firing it at her. The round remaining in the gun fired, resulting in the death of Aimee, even after Don Flack attempted to save her. This was then explained to Westcott by Flack after he was arrested.

Known VictimsEdit

  • Grant Hamilton (injured; grazed his arm)
  • Lindsay Monroe (indirectly injured)
  • Beverley McCord (intended to kill during the rally; later tried to kill again)

Victims by ProxyEdit

  • Aimee de Silva (was accidentally shot when a friend of hers found his abandoned gun)


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