Empty Eyes

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Empty Eyes
Empty Eyes
WriterAllen MacDonald
DirectorMichael Slovis
Original Airdate29 March 2007

Empty Eyes is the eighteenth episode of season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Six showgirls are murdered in their home. One of them dies in Sara's arms, leaving behind some clues to the killer's identity.


The case appears to be based on the real-life mass murder commited by Richard Speck in 1966. Like Speck, the killer killed a number of women inside a single house, tying them up with torn sheets, raping and stabbing them. As with Speck, part of the evidence implicating the suspect was a skin mark (a tattoo for Speck, a large mole for the killer). Also, both killers tried to kill themselves with a sharp instrument after their killings, both had prior histories of sexual assaults.


  • In the room that Grissom is processing at the house, there's a poster of the rapper, Dollar from the Season 6 episode "Poppin' Tags."


  • In the beginning of the episode the girls are going home at night. When they are in the kitchen there is a big light coming from the window. It seems to be the sun but as the girls came home at night it can not be, so it must be a projector.
  • Sara got blood on her left cheek in the very beginning of this episode, but some minutes ahead while talking to Nick, there was no blood.

Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Ruby Dee as Mary Wilson
  • Walton Goggins as Marlon Frost
  • Charlie Weber as Corey Archfield
  • Tiffany Dupont as Cammie Brookston
  • Robert Gant as Lewis Greyburg
  • Kellan Lutz as Chris Mullins
  • Marshall Allman as Jonathan Alaniz
  • Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Marlo Barksdale
  • Betsy Rue as Libby Cooperson
  • Nadine Nicole Heimann as Jennifer 'Jen' Smith
  • Helena Mattsson as Rebecca 'Becca' Mayford
  • Amber Stevens as Emily Wilson
  • Malana Lea as Lauren Walderson


Nick: It was good that you were there for her, Sara. She didn't have to die alone.
Sara (sadly): We usually show up too late to meet the victim.

Sara: My date got cancelled.
Grissom: I'm sure he had a good excuse.

Warrick: Hell of a way to spend your night off.
Sara: How many bodies do you have in here?
Warrick: Three. Grissom's down the hall, first door on your right. Just follow the blood.

Sara (crying): I held his hand, just like I held hers and I lost perspective. (Grissom wipes her tears)

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