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Empty Eyes
Empty Eyes
WriterAllen MacDonald
DirectorMichael Slovis
Original Airdate29 March 2007

Empty Eyes is the eighteenth episode of season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Six showgirls are murdered in their home. One of them dies in Sara's arms, leaving behind some clues to the killer's identity.

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Nick: It was good that you were there for her, Sara. She didn't have to die alone.
Sara (sadly): We usually show up too late to meet the victim.


  • The case appears to be based on the real-life mass murder committed by Richard Speck in 1966. Like Speck, the killer killed a number of women inside a single house, tying them up with torn sheets, raping and stabbing them. As with Speck, part of the evidence implicating the suspect was a skin mark (a tattoo for Speck, a large birthmark for the killer). Also, both killers tried to kill themselves with a sharp instrument after their killings, both had prior histories of sexual assaults.


  • In the room that Grissom is processing at the house, there's a poster of the rapper, Dollar from the Season 6 episode "Poppin' Tags."

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