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Drops Out
Drops Out
WriterDustin Lee Abraham
DirectorGeoffrey G. Hunt
Original AirdateApril 29, 2008

Drops Out is the fourteenth episode of the eigth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Brass, Catherine, Grissom and Nick work the case of a female victim found in an apartment building with a gun shot wound. Drops, a nightclub promoter and old acquaintance of the team, becomes a person of interest during the investigation, even though he is still in jail. Nick and Brass take him out of prison for a ride to track down the perpetrator. As they go from dead suspect to dead suspect, it becomes apparent that the killer is already one step ahead of them.

Full SummaryEdit

The episode opens with a dramatic shooting in a dark room, a platinum blonde the victim. Gil and Greg are the first ones at the scene the next day. The vic has two entry wounds, two exit wounds, both through-and-throughs. There are seven empty bullet casings on the floor. The CSIs suspect that she might have interrupted an armed burglary because the drawers have been rifled through. Gil sees a strange, circular blood drop on the floor, far from the victim that dropped to the floor through a whole in the ceiling.

Gil orders Officer Mitch to check the apartment above, as Gil then looks through the hawkeye (periscope-like-thing). He sees a second victim in the apartment above. Upstairs, an old woman, Maria Espinoza, lies dead in a pool of blood. A bullet from the downstairs apartment flew up threw the ceiling and got her in the head. Greg is downstairs, collecting all of the bullet casings and one of them has urine on it, then he ALS the area for bodily fluid and there is a urine-like substance everywhere.

Back at the CSI lab, Catherine examines the blonde who, we now see, has a trampstamp, or more like "tramp belt" of dollar signs tattooed on her. Catherine does a little test and figures out that the blonde had a revolver in her hand when she died. Brass calls them and reports that Drops, the nightclub promoter who is now in jail, owns both the upstairs and downstairs apartments.

At the prison, Drops is playing chess with and getting schooled by some nerdy Cornell students. Brass pays a visit to ask about the platinum blonde victim. Turns out that her name is Jessica Jaynes, or JJ, and she was on his payroll to help create "atmosphere" in his clubs. Brass shows him a picture of Mrs. Espinoza, and Drops is saddened to see that she died because she took care of him when he was young. He leased the apartment for her when she lost her own home.

At the lab, Al takes JJ's husband Walter Jaynes to the morgue to identify JJ's body, carrying his infant son all the while. Nick and Catherine are stuck trying to replicate how Mrs. Espinoza came to be in the cross-fire (grumbling about Gil's ego all the while). Catherine notices the bullet in Mrs. Espinoza's ceiling. They take this to Gil, who now changes his theory. But there's new evidence: results from the lab shows that urine found next to JJ's body belongs to Mrs. Espinoza's daughter, Dana. Nick goes back to Drops in prison who admits that Dana is pregnant with his child, and due any day now. Dana has a record and is notoriously difficult to track down, so Drops offers to help find her if they let him out of the slammer for 48 hours. They agree, as long as he wears an ankle monitor on at all times. Catherine and Archie check Dana's cell phone records and find someone named Valinda Carlyle. Catherine calls the number and is surprised to hear Warrick answer the phone. Obviously, this is bad news for Valinda; Warrick is answering her phone because she's dead.

Drops thinks that Dana may have gone to one of his financial advisers, Bruce "Zig Zag" Zagberg, for help. But uh oh, he's dead too, from a single bullet to the eye. Drops' next guess is his sister Sherry. Drops insists that he has to talk to Sherry alone, without the badges around. Nick stands by training to remain inconspicuous, but Sherry is hip to the fact that he's a cop. Before he goes, Sherry gives him a bag of the lunch special, which immediately prompts Nick and Brass to pull out their guns, but the bag turns out to contain only chicken gizzards. Drops has one last place he wants to check out, one of his clubs.

Meanwhile, Warrick is investigating Valinda's car containing JJ's purse. The navigation system has the address of the crime scene saved in its memory. Valinda was shot while sitting in the car. Based on some clues, the shot came from the back seat, meaning that there was someone other than Valinda and Dana in the car.Nick and Brass take Drops to the club, where a little person in a tight latex suit is writhing and singing onstage. They look at the surveillance footage and see that Walter Jaynes was at the club with Dana, presumably leading her out at gunpoint. Drops' manager brings everyone something to eat.

In Drops' sandwich, he hides a GPS jammer that will jumble the signal sent by his ankle monitor. Drops turns on the device, and then smoothly disappears from the room. Brass and Nick notice after a moment and run after him, but to no avail. After a short foot chase, Drops jumps into a waiting car and zips away. Nick comes back to arrest Drops' second-hand man. What happened was that Drops secretly gave Sherry instructions to tell the second-hand man to get a GPS jammer in order to help him escape from the CSI team.

Drops goes back to the apartment where JJ was killed. A very pregnant Dana is there too, but unfortunately, Walter has them both at gunpoint, a gun in each hand. Walter wants Drops' money, which he thinks is rightfully his, but he also wants some pay back. He makes Drops reenact Sophie's Choice: either Dana dies, or their unborn child dies. Backed into a corner, Drops unjams his GPS tracker. The CSI team immediately gets his coordinates and books it to the apartment to stop Walter from killing them. Unfortunately, in the scuffle, Walter manages to shoot both Drops and Dana, but not fatally. Dana's bullet causes her to go into labor at the scene, however.

Drops wakes up in the hospital, next to Dana and their newborn son. He asks her if he can hold their boy, but she won't let him anywhere near the child, and since plays exposition fairy by explaining all the details of the events: Dana heard from the downstairs apartment that someone was trying to kill her mother, so she grabbed the gun and killed JJ. Walter wants Drops' money, so he asked Dana for it, but she didn't have any because Drops had told her that he didn't have any money left. Also, Walter killed Zig Zag and Valinda.

Drops is taken back to the prison hospital, but he's relieved to know that Dana will be probably not have to do any time since she was acting in self-defense. Also, the money that he was hiding is technically Mrs. Espinoza's, so now it belongs to Dana and her child. Trying to see the bright side of things, Drops is glad that at least his child will be taken care of, even if he won't be there to raise him.


  • The team carries Sprint/Nextel phones
  • Method Man reprises his role as Drops from the season 6 episode "Poppin' Tags" and the season 7 episode "Big Shots."


  • Put Your Hands Up- Miguelito, Darius Brooks, Mic Check, Rasco, Black & White Brothers, Eightball, Violator, Rasheed, Camille, Mojada, Anthony Skinner


  • Grissom (looks up to see blood dripping from the ceiling): It looks like this crime has a second story.

  • Drops: I can't explain these women. One minute, they're sending each other cupcakes on Facebook, the next they're trying to kill each other over a broken curling iron.

  • Greg: Maybe the killer freaked out and wet himself. Not exactly a hardened criminal.

  • Catherine (after finding something to disprove Grissom's theory): I like it when the king gets it wrong, keeps him human.

  • Drops (after he's about to go talk to someone alone): Now, what about the cuffs, yo? (Brass sighs) Now, why would anybody talk to someone whose already arrested?

  • Brass (unenthused after Drops gives him an address): Jackson and D, yippee, we're going to the hood.

  • Catherine: You ever worry that you could be replaced by a computer?
  • Archie: Every day of my life.

  • Drops (while being released from jail for 48 hours to help them, sees Brass and Nick): Well, look who it is: Mom and Dad. (they put cuffs and an ankle braclet on him) One big happy family, huh?
  • Brass: Get in the car. (Drops does and Brass shuts the door) I got a feeling that I'm gonna regret this.
  • Nick: I already do.

  • Nick: So, who else would Dana go for help? Zigzag doesn't seem to be like a very big talker.
  • Drops: You're a lot funnier than I remember, crime lab, you been goin' to cop-comedy school?

  • Drops (about Dana): This is the type of girl that you have to find in person.
  • Nick: Well, give us some addresses.
  • Drops: What are you gonna do? MapQuest her ass? 'Cause that's not gonna work. There's only one way to find this girl. Let me out. (Brass laughs) What? No, for real. I can have her for you today.
  • Nick: You think that we can just pop you outta jail?
  • Drops: Yeah. 48 hours. Like the flick, they bust Eddie outta jail, get the bad guy, everything's cool.
  • Nick: You think this is a joke, man? Dead bodies are piling up around your new family, now that would worry me.

  • Brass (after Drops lost his chess game): Looks like something more than forensics be jammin' a brotha up in here.
  • Drops: Man, y'all some jinxes.
  • Brass: This is a set-up, don't you get it? Ivy league college student versus a high school drop out, convict, you got no chance. ... So said a jury of your peers.
  • Drops: Eight months, on a weak ass weapons charge, it's a vacation, man.

  • Catherine (taking photos of the victim and sees a tattoo): Tramp stamp.
  • Hodges: Looks more like a tramp belt.
  • Catherine: Help me roll her. (they roll her to see the tattoo continue all over her back)
  • Hodges: So, hot girl with dollar sign tats and a mostly empty apartment. Prostitute, right?
  • Catherine: Maybe. Or maybe she just loves money.
  • Hodges: Y'know, it's the love of money that is the root of all evil, most people think that it's just the money.

  • David (looking at the victim who was shot in the head): Organ donor. Her heart was in the right place.
  • Grissom: Unfortunately her head was in the wrong place.

  • Catherine: We've got a BOLO out on Dana Espinoza in connection with the apartment homicides. She's considered armed, dangerous, and pregnant.
  • Warrick: Oh! Raging hormones and a gun; we got to get that off the street fast.

  • Catherine (to Nick who is adjusting a dummy): Maybe these will help out, or would you two like to be alone?
  • Nick: Oh, very funny.
  • Catherine: Grissom comes up with a theory and we get to do the reenactments and the photo docks.
  • Nick: Yeah, well it's good to be the king I suppose.
  • Catherine: Sure is.

  • Nick: And what makes you so sure that Dana would go to this guy Bruce anyway?
  • Drops: If Dana's on the run, she's gonna need some on the run money, and let's say Zigzag, handles certain aspects of my finances.
  • Brass: What? Like laundering the street fig?
  • Drops: No, actually my 401k. Why you always tossin' the pimp card at me, man? I guess to you a black man in a suit is a pimp.
  • Brass: Aw, did I hurt your feelings?

  • Nick [to Drops]: J.J was after your money, now Walter is, and he's taking your girlfriend hostage to get it.
  • Brass: Where's the money, Kellen? Because I bet that's where we're gonna find both of them.
  • Drops: Man, talk to my lawyers. Better yet, talk to the tax dudes, they know where it is.

  • Brass: That's Jessica Jaynes' husband, what's Dana doing with him?
  • Drops: Beats the hell outta me. Walter's J.J's pimp ... your favorite word.

  • Nick (answering his phone): Hey, Grissom. Don't worry, we're gonna get him.
  • Grissom: The undersheriff will be pleased to know that. The 9mm casing found at business manager's apartment and the one from Valinda Carlisle's car, were fired from the same gun.
  • Nick: No suprises there.
  • Grissom: Yeah, but it's not the gun that was used to kill Jessica Jaynes.
  • Nick: I think Walter Jaynes is the one on the rampage here and he's dragging Dana Espinoza with 'em.
  • Grissom: Any idea where?
  • Nick: No, no. Not yet.
  • Grissom (a little angry): You might want to work on that, Nick. (Grissom hangs up, and Nick just looks at his phone)

  • Walter: You owe me somethin' else.
  • Drops: What for Vic? What's that 25 more? You can take the whole couch if you want to.
  • Walter: No, no, no. I got my pay. I need my payback. I lost my wife. (stands up and points a gun at Dana) I'm gonna let you choose which one you lose. Either your girl or your baby.

  • Drops [to Nick]: And what about the money? Not expectin' anythin', just wonderin'.
  • Nick: Well, technically it's the mother's, and Dana's the only beneficiary so, the money's hers.
  • Drops: And my kid's?
  • Nick: Yeah.
  • Drops: For once I did something good in my life.
  • Nick: Your life ain't over yet, Kellen. It ain't over yet.


  • William Petersen ... Gil Grissom
  • Marg Helgenberger ... Catherine Willows
  • Gary Dourdan ... Warrick Brown
  • George Eads ... Nick Stokes
  • Eric Szmanda ... Greg Sanders
  • Robert David Hall ... Dr. Al Robbins
  • Wallace Langham ... David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle ... Captain Jim Brass

Recurring CastEdit

  • Archie Kao ... Archie Johnson
  • David Berman ... David Phillips
  • Liz Vassey ... Wendy Simms

Guest StarringEdit

  • Method Man ... Drops
  • Grant Sullivan ... Walter Jaynes
  • Cara Santana ... Dana Espinoza
  • Al Shearer ... Dale D.
  • Octavia Spencer ... Sherry
  • Nikki DiSanto ... Valinda Carlisle
  • Terra Jole ... Mini-Britney
  • Anya Monzikova ... Jessica Jaynes
  • Omi Vaidya ... College Student
  • Ludo Vika ... Maria Espinoza
  • Larry Mitchell ... Officer Mitchell
  • Kristen Kimmick ... Party Goer (uncredited)
  • Elle and Ithaca Kremer ... Jessica & Walter's Son (uncredited)
  • Liz Racster ... Club Goer (uncredited)

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