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|status = Institutionalized
|status = Institutionalized
|actor = Kerr Smith<br>Garrett Ryan {{c|young}}
|actor = Kerr Smith<br>Garrett Ryan {{c|young}}
|appearance = [[The Deep]] {{c|in person}}}}'''Drew Bedford''', formerly '''Andrew "Andy" Davis''', was '''the 333 Stalker''', who stalked [[Mac]] during season four of {{NY}}.
|appearance = [[The Deep]] {{c|in person}}}}'''Drew Bedford''', formerly '''Andrew "Andy" Davis''',a.ka. '''the 333 Stalker''', is a stalker and murderer who stalked [[Mac]] during season four of {{NY}}.

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Minor Character: New York
333 Stalker
Name Drew Bedford
Andrew Davis (formerly)
Gender Male
Family Will Davis (brother; deceased)
Jimmie Davis (brother)
CityNew York
Occupation Stalker
Mass Murderer (attempted)
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Kerr Smith
Garrett Ryan (young)
First Appearance The Deep (in person)
Drew Bedford, formerly Andrew "Andy" Davis,a.ka. the 333 Stalker, is a stalker and murderer who stalked Mac during season four of CSI: NY.


Andy was the youngest of the three Davis brothers, who were friends with Mac Taylor when they were children. The oldest brother, Will, would make deliveries for a local mobster named Bobby O'Toole. One night, Mac and Jimmie tagged along. Though they didn't allow Andy to come with them, he discreetly followed them anyway. At O'Toole's apartment, something went wrong and he started beating Will. Mac drew O'Toole's gun out of a drawer to stop him, but was unable to pull the trigger. Jimmie then took it from him and shot O'Toole in the chest, killing him. Unfortunately, Will didn't survive. Mac and Jimmie fled from the scene, unaware that what they did would classify as self-defense. Andy, who witnessed everything unseen, was traumatized for life, but kept it a secret. After Mac's big drug bust in Snow Day, he snapped, changed his name to "Drew Bedford" and began stalking him, feeling that his hero status was undeserved because he didn't save Will all those years ago. He used "333", O'Toole's apartment number, as his signature. He also started wooing Stella in order to get closer to Mac.

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