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Down the Drain
WriterNaren Shankar
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateOctober 7, 2004

"Down the Drain" is the second episode of the fifth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Summary Edit

The CSIs investigate when a thunderstorm washes up a body in the city storm drains. Murder is soon ruled out, but the team makes another disturbing discovery: human bones that may have come from a murder. The only problem is finding the location where the body was dumped.

Major EventsEdit

  • Greg witnesses an Autopsy being performed for the first time.
  • Sara admits to Greg that at her first Autopsy she puked.

Cast Edit

Main Cast: Edit

Recurring Roles: Edit

Guest Star: Edit

  • Cristine Rose as Meryl Giles
  • Brent Briscoe as Roger Durbin
  • Gigi Rice as Terry Durbin
  • Jesse Plemons as Owen Durbin
  • Lennie Loftin as Bomb Squad Leader
  • Michael Dempsey as Calvin Berkowitz
  • Scott Lincoln as Floater
  • Steve Monroe as Marty Kessler
  • Alec Plotkin as Young Owen Durbin
  • Andy B. Dardaine as Bomb Squad Agent
  • Guillermo Jorge as Bomb Squad Agent
  • Josh Allouche as Bomb Squad Agent (uncredited)

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was most likely the season premiere, but production was halted when Jorja Fox and George Eads were briefly fired. The filming went ahead anyway, but when they were rehired, they were added in the middle of filming and the episode was re-shot with them in it entirely. This explains why Eads and Fox only appear about halfway through the episode.
  • This is one of the few episodes where the tag line before the opening credits isn't spoken by a series regular.
  • The episode received the 2005 Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Single-Camera Sound Mixing For A Series" and "Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series." It also received Golden Reel nominations for "Sound Effects and Foley for the Short Form" and "Best Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement for the Short Form."
  • This episode is based on the real life killing of 14 year old Tristan Jensen in Redlands, 1998.[1]

Quotes Edit

Grissom: If you're gonna be sick, Greg, do it in the sink.
Doc Robbins: Not in the drain pan.
Greg: I don't feel sick.
Sara (to Greg): I heard you finally lost your virginity. (Greg gives her a look and Sara smiles) First autopsy, how was it?
Greg: It was fine. How was your first time? How'd you react?
Sara: I puked.
Greg: I didn't puke.
Sara: Way to go, tough guy.
Catherine: So this isn't about drugs or beating up homeless dudes. It's just plain stupidity.
Rick Dysart (to Grissom after sweeping the garage for bombs): Only one thing you need to worry about: If you see me running, make sure you keep up.
Catherine: Did I ever tell you the city paid me a dollar a square foot to rip out my lawn and replace it with rocks? Because we were in a drought.
Warrick: Are you kidding me?
Catherine: No.
Warrick: This city was not made for rain.
Warrick: Sara?
Sara: I'm not touching anything.
Warrick (watches the bombs): No. Put your stuff down and step away from the closet.
Sara: What?
Warrick: Put down your stuff and step away from the closet. (grabs Sara by the back of her vest and pulls her back. Sara looks back at Warrick. She follows his gaze into the closet and sees the pipe bombs. Sara slowly backs away from the closet and stands up)
Sara: Those are pipe bombs.
Warrick: Yeah. (in radio) Dispatch... this is CSI Brown. We're at the Durbin residence. We have explosives on the scene. Roll out bomb squad immediately. Roll out bomb squad. (Sara takes out a tool and kneels inside the closet) What are you doing?
Sara: There's blood evidence on the door. If the bomb squad detonates the place, it's gone.
Warrick: Sara.
Sara: It'll only take a second. (uses the wrench to take the bolt off the door hinge. The first one comes loose and falls to the floor with a solid thud. She glances nervously up at the pipe bomb on the tool kit in the closet. It rocks in place. She stands up to get the bolt off the top of the door. Warrick hands her an electric screwdriver from his own kit)
Warrick: Here, try this.
(Sara uses the electric screwdriver and gets the first screw off the door's hinge plate. It falls to the floor. She turns and looks at the bomb. It doesn't move)
Sara: Nice. (removes the remaining screws off the hinge plate. Warrick tries to get the door off. It won't budge. He and Sara both rattle the door lightly to try to take it off)
Warrick: It's stuck.
Sara: I think we're gonna need a little push.
Warrick (takes deep breath): All right. On three. One... two... three. (they pull the door off the closet. The pipe bomb doesn't move) Can we get the hell out of this place now?
Mr. Durbin: Sons of bitches! I'm gonna sue your ass into the ground. I hope you know that. Yeah. I'm gonna own you. I'm gonna own this whole place. In fact, maybe that's where I'll live. I'm just gonna move in here.
Catherine: Let me guess, he lawyered up?
Brass: Yeah. He stopped talking right after I told him we blew up his house.
Brass: Well, the kid gets murder, mom's an accessory and dad gets felony explosives. It's a family-value pack.

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