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Doctor Who
WriterTom Mularz
DirectorJeffrey Hunt
Original AirdateMay 13, 2010
Previous Episode: Lost & Found
Next Episode: Meat Jekyll

Doctor Who is the twenty-second episode in season ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


With the elusive Dr. Jekyll still on the loose, Langston has begun obsessing over the case. When a murder victim turns out to be carrying photos of Jekyll's victims, Langston comes under suspicion as he met her just before she was killed.


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  • When Archie, Wendy and Catherine are viewing the Blue Aces surveillance video that shows Langston meeting with the reporter, the video that shows the reporter entering the bar shows her going up the stairs. The video that shows her leaving is a mirrored replay of the video of her entering, as it shows her going up the stairs to leave with the exact same gestures and head movements.
  • When Archie and Nick are reviewing the surveillance videos from the Blue Aces Casino, Archie boxes the image of a man playing the penny slots, the box around the image of the man cuts off the top of the man's head, but when that boxed image is enlarged, the image has been cropped well above the man's head.


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