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Dispo Day
WriterLaurence Walsh,
Ildy Modrovich,
Elizabeth Devine
DirectorDavid Grossman
Original AirdateMarch 10, 2003
Previous Episode: Simple Man
Next Episode: Double Cap

Dispo Day is the eighteenth episode in season one of CSI: Miami.


A truck carrying confiscated drugs to be burned is attacked which leaves the drugs stolen and the officer escort killed. The CSIs are under investigation because it is suspected that the attack was an inside job.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Nick Searcy as Jack Seeger
  • Salli Richardson Whitfield as Laura
  • Annika Peterson as Polygraph Tester
  • Julie Ann Emery as Lynn Martell
  • Carlos Lacamara as Dr Guillermo Santoyo
  • Maximo Marrone as Paul Tomassi
  • Don McManus as Enrique Rayas/Erik Ridan
  • Brandon Gilbert as Paramedic
  • Ken Kerman as Bob Stokes
  • Troy Robinson as Lester Cassidy
  • Tad Griffith as SWAT #1
  • Thomas Robinson Harper as SWAT #2
  • Michael Runyard as Sgt Hollis
  • Tim Trella as Mike Tooley
  • Mic Rodgers as Jeff Macher
  • Larry Rippenkroeger as Sam Laskey
  • John Meier as Cesar Rubio

Major Events

  • Calleigh reveals that her father's nickname for her is "Lambchop".
  • Having learnt that Speed's gun jammed during the gunfight, Horatio gives him a gun cleaning kit as a late birthday present.

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