Dead Woman Walking

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Dead Woman Walking
Dead Woman
WriterLaurence Walsh,
Ildy Modrovich
DirectorJeannot Szwarc
Original AirdateFebruary 10, 2003
Previous Episode: Forced Entry
Next Episode: Evidence of Things Unseen

Dead Woman Walking is the fifteenth episode in season one of CSI: Miami.


A dead man is found on a Miami street with a broken neck and cash. This leads to an environmental lawyer, Belle King, who is poisoned with a radioactive isotope and apparently only has one week left to live as the CSI team tracks down her murderer.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Michael Whaley as Detective Bernstein
  • Karen Sillas as Belle King
  • Adam Baldwin as De Soto, Radiation Man #1
  • Eddie Jemison as Parker Boyd
  • John Getz as George Risher
  • Jeremy Roberts as Sam Carver
  • Maria Rangel as Belle's Office Worker
  • Rachel Singer as Janet Carver
  • Greg Crooks as Carl Aspen
  • Stevie Johnson as Radiation Man #2
  • Cory Hardrict as Darnell Jackson

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