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Son (Currently Expecting)
Son (Currently Expecting)
|rank=Detective 3rd Grade
|rank=Detective 2nd Grade
|status= Alive
|status= Alive

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Main Character: New York
Name Danny Messer
Gender Male
Family Father
Louie Messer (Brother)
Lindsay Monroe (Wife)
Lucy Messer (Daughter)

Son (Currently Expecting)

CityNew York
Rank Detective 2nd Grade
Status Alive
Portrayed By Carmine Giovinazzo
First Appearance MIA/NYC NonStop

Daniel "Danny" Messer is a detective in the New York Crime Lab.


Danny has a tendency to follow his intuition, as opposed to the evidence itself; a fact that has caused him to butt heads with Mac on several occasions. (A Man a Mile) He also has great sympathy for those who commit crimes of passion in an act of revenge. [citation needed]

Due to the many problems he has in his personal life, Danny's job performance often suffers; drawing many reprimands from Mac. [citation needed] Despite this, Mac knows that Danny could be a great detective if he could separate his personal from his job. [citation needed]

Danny often ignores advice, including strongly worded advice from his mentor Mac Taylor.

Danny has a dog. (Not What It Looks Like)

Early Life

Danny grew up on Staten Island, having had many brushes with the Tanglewood Boys. As a result of his brother Louie's actions on a night in 1991, the two have had a rocky relationship. Louie had been involved in a brutal beating, apparently his initiation into the Tanglewood Boys. Since that night, Danny has developed his own code of ethics, and it is clear that the experience deeply disturbed him.

When Danny was 10 he and his father got into the wrong gypsy cab and were subsequently beat; causing his hatred for gypsy cabs. (The Dove Commission)

Danny played baseball since he was seven. He went from little league to college and even had a stint in the minor leagues before he broke his wrist. (The Closer)

After graduating from the Police Academy, Danny was snatched up by Mac Taylor, who saw in Danny a very promising detective. When Mac hired Danny, Mac was told that one day he would realize that the hiring was a mistake. (On the Job)


Season One

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Season Two

Almost a year after a episode featuring a case that involved the Tanglewood Boys gang (episode 113, Tanglewood), Danny was implicated in a 15-year-old cold murder case. Louie was severely beaten by the gang and left in a coma after attempting to prove Danny's innocence. With Mac's help, Danny eventually cleared his name, thanks to a taped confession from the real killer (episode 220, Run Silent, Run Deep). Louie's condition is still unknown, though it is widely presumed that he is still comatose.

Season Three

Danny takes it upon himself to trade shifts with Lindsay Monroe in episode 324, Snow Day, taking her place to assist lab tech Adam Ross at a warehouse crime scene. When he arrives, he is taken hostage and held along with Adam by Irish mobsters who hope to use the situation to distract the NYPD while others of their clan break into the lab to retrieve a huge cocaine seizure from earlier in the day. Danny is badly beaten during his captivity (taking a total of 4 blows to the head, one to the spine and having his left hand broken), but with Adam's help, manages to take down their captors in time to be rescued by the officers gathered outside.

Season Four

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Season Five

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Season Six

Having been shot during the season five finale, Danny finds himself confined to a wheelchair. He eventually recovers fully and becomes able to walk again after some physical therapy.

While receiving acupuncture, Danny's badge, wallet and dog tags are stolen from his locker. He discovers the dog tags at a local pawn shop but has no lead as to who pawned them. A finger print is found on the dog tags that leads Danny to discover Shane Casey is the one behind the theft.

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Season Seven

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Season Eight

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Seson Nine

During season 9 Lindsay tells Danny that she is pregnant again, and that Lucy is going to be a big sister. Later on in the season the baby is revealed to be a little boy.


Danny: Robospanker? Somebody actually makes these things?

Danny: (To suspect) You just made me do two things I really hate doin'; running, and leaping. Turn around, put your hands behind your head.

Danny: Let me ask you somethin'. Do you have any hereditary disease in your family.
Lindsay: (laughs) No. Do you?
Danny: No, no, no. Mental illness?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No? How 'bout addictive tendencies, extra fingers, extra toes?
Lindsay: No.
Danny: No? Natural delivery or, uh, drugs?
Lindsay: Uhh... either.
Danny: Want a boy or a girl?
Lindsay: Healthy.
Danny: Will you marry me?
Lindsay: (Long pause) No.
Danny: So, you wanna tell me why you won't marry me?
Lindsay: I didn't mean I won't. I just think it's the wrong time.
Danny: Wrong time? The wrong time, or the wrong guy?
Lindsay: Danny, I know I've thrown a lot at you, and we're both feeling really overwhelmed, but whatever we do next, I want it to be for the right reason. Wouldn't you rather walk down the aisle, than be pushed?
Danny: Of course.
Lindsay: Okay, good, so listen. I'm not goin' anywhere, and I know you're not goin' anywhere either. Okay, but this isn't just about you and I anymore. So, let's just take baby steps, 'kay?
Danny: Okay. Sure. Look, before we go inside I wanna tell you one more thing, okay? I just want you to know that I love you.
Lindsay: I love you too, Danny.
-- S5 E10 "The Triangle"


  • Danny can throw a fastball of 88 miles per hour. (The Closer)
  • Danny can do magic tricks. (Who's There?)
  • Danny wears his watch on his right wrist, even though he is right-handed.


CSI NY - Danny's Doing Magic Tricks (8x11)(00:33)
CSI NY-Danny's turn to jump(01:09)

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