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Minor Character: New York
Name Daniel Katums
Gender Male
CityNew York
Pathology Mass Murderer
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Jason Dibler
First Appearance Sleight Out of Hand

Daniel Katums was a mass murderer in Montana and the primary reason why Lindsay Monroe became a CSI.


Back when Lindsay was living in Montana, she was enjoying some time with her friends in a local diner and went to the bathroom. While she was in there, Daniel came into the diner, armed with a shotgun, and robbed it. He then shot and killed all of the witnesses before leaving, not knowing Lindsay was in the bathroom and had witnessed the massacre. Lindsay called the police, but he managed to get away with the crime for ten years.

Season Three

Sleight Out of Hand

After spending ten years on the run, Daniel was apprehended. Lindsay was due to stand as a witness in his court case, testifying against him. It was then that she remembered the memories she had repressed about Daniel and how he murdered all of her friends. Eventually, after a very lengthy court case, Danny came to listen to the verdict and to support Lindsay. It was revealed that the jury had decided that Daniel was guilty of the mass killing. He was sentenced to death, leaving him enraged and seeking revenge on Lindsay.

Season Nine

Late Admissions

Years after Katums's conviction, Lindsay returned to Montana to clear the air with him before his execution. During their meeting, he insists that she misidentified him and he is innocent; after his trial, he filed a series of appeals, most of them based on that claim. In the end of the episode, he is executed by lethal injection, his last words being that he was sorry for what he did.

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Known Victims

  • The diner robbery and massacre (all were shot with a shotgun):
    • Kelly Dupar
    • Caroline
    • Lucy
    • Sarah


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