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Daddy's Little Girl
WriterHenry Alonso Myers,
Sarah Goldfinger
DirectorTerrence O'Hara
Original AirdateJanuary 19, 2006
Previous Episode: Werewolves
Next Episode: Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

Daddy's Little Girl is the twelfth episode in season six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs investigate the stabbing of a motocross racer who was about to leave town with a woman he had been living with. Meanwhile, as Nick investigates the death of an attorney hit by her own car, he comes closer to the truth about his kidnapping.

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Sara: Freud would have a field day with this family.
Warrick: Dad loves his daughter, but mom only sees the daughter as competition.
Sara: And everyone wonders why Bianca can't meet a nice boy.
Warrick: Bianca eats nice boys for brunch.


  • Nick finds the tape recorder, listens to where it's currently at, and then rewinds it, and plays it further back on the tape. While he is doing all of this you can see it's in his left hand, the hand closest to the camera (which is on an angle because his hand would have been blocking it). However, as soon as he listens to it, when the camera angle changes, if you watch the frames before it's in his left hand and then suddenly in his right hand, while he listens and starts walking around the room.
  • When Sara is pointing to the various phone records with her finger where she's standing, where her arms are and where she's supposed to be pointing is inconsistent. She would have to move unreasonably fast in order for the timing to match up.
  • When Kelly's heart stops, Sofia proceeds to do CPR. However, in order for the CPR to be effective, Kelly would have to have been moved off the bed onto the ground or another hard surface in order for the chest to compress, she wouldn't have been able to compress her chest the correct depth.
  • Warrick wasn't wearing gloves when he picked up the screwdriver that Grissom said needed to be printed.

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