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A Cult is generally characterized as a quasi-religious group that engages in unconventional practices. These may include; dangerous or unusual initiation rites (hazing), mass recruiting, brainwashing, sexual predation (including statutory rape), and sometimes murder and mass suicide.

Real Life ExamplesEdit

  • The Manson Family - led by Charles Manson
  • The People's Temple (Jonestown) - led by the "Reverend" Jim Jones
  • The Branch Davidians - led by David Koresh, who was killed in the Waco Siege
  • The Way International - led by Victor Paul Weirwille


Though the United States strictly maintains a policy of Freedom of Religion, cults are not considered religious groups and are not protected by US law. In fact, many cult leaders are on the FBI's watch list. Contrary to popular belief, the Church of Satan is not considered a cult and is protected by the laws of the US.

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