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|image=[[Image:Crime & Misdemeanor.jpg|280px]]
|image=[[Image:Crime & Misdemeanor.jpg|280px]]
|season=Season 1
|season=Season 1
|writer=Eli Talbert<br>Andrew Lipsitz
|writer=Eli Talbert<br>Andrew Lipsitz
|director=Rob Bailey
|director=Rob Bailey
|date=April 13, 2005
|date=April 13, 2005
|previous=[[The Dove Commission]]
|previous=[[The Dove Commission]]
|next=[[Supply and Demand]]}}'''Crime & Misdemeanor''' is the twentieth episode in season 1 of ''[[CSI: NY]]''.
|next=[[Supply and Demand]]}}
'''Crime & Misdemeanor''' is the nineteenth episode in season 1 of ''[[CSI: NY]]''.

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Crime & Misdemeanor
Crime &amp; Misdemeanor
SeasonSeason 1
WriterEli Talbert
Andrew Lipsitz
DirectorRob Bailey
Original AirdateApril 13, 2005
Previous Episode: The Dove Commission
Next Episode: Supply and Demand

Crime & Misdemeanor is the nineteenth episode in season 1 of CSI: NY.


When the body of a young woman is discovered at a laundry facility, the bed sheets she is wrapped in lead Mac and Stella back to an upscale New York hotel that houses diplomats from around the world when the United Nations is in special session. Meanwhile, Danny and Aiden investigate the death of a homeless man found dressed as a human statue.

Main Cast

Recurring Roles

  • Sonya Walger as Jane Parsons
  • Chad Lindberg as Chad Willingham

Guest Stars

  • Dominic Fumusa as Robert Costa
  • Kevin Alejandro as Tom Martin
  • Andre Kristoff as Tony Garcia
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as David Scott
  • Leia Thompson as Paula Reed
  • April Bowlby as Jenny Lee
  • George Haycraft as Beat Boxer
  • Steven Petrarca as Frank Barrett
  • Larry Gilliard Jr. as Officer Omar Lilly


  • "Extra Ball" by Hardfloor.
  • "Glam" by Phoneheads.
  • "Kiss Ya Lips" by Ian Brown.

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