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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Craig Mason
Gender Male
Family Paul Millander (adoptive father, deceased)
Faith Mason (adoptive mother)
CityLas Vegas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Devon Alan (season 2)
Devon Graye (season 10)
First Appearance Identity Crisis

Craig Mason was the adoptive son of Paul Millander/Douglas Mason.


Craig was adopted by Judge Douglas Mason (Paul Millander) and his wife Faith in 1992. Following the arrest and death of Millander, Craig was frequently alienated at his schools, becoming a ghoulish, antisocial loner. Like Millander did at Halloweird, he took up making horror memorabilia and fake severed arms, using his own arms for the mold. In Ghost Town, a man in the Masons' neighborhood was murdered, his throat slit, and Craig became the prime suspect.

The CSI team brought in Raymond Langston to get a pair of fresh eyes on the case (as he hadn't been a part of the team during the Millander case). He pointed out that if it wasn't for Craig's connection to Millander, they wouldn't consider him a suspect. When they had Craig slash the throat of a ballistic gel dummy, the slash pattern, along with Craig's congenital hand deformation, proved that he wasn't the killer. When alone with Sara, Craig recounted how Millander, as Douglas Mason, took him to Halloweird when he was a kid and let him play in the storage, claiming "Mr Millander" to be a friend of his. Craig came to idolize Millander for his work at making Halloween props and was devastated when he lost both his father and his idol in one sweep.


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