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Corrupted Memory
WriterAndrew Karlsruher,
Craig O'Neill,
Pam Veasey
DirectorJerry Levine
Original AirdateNovember 15, 2015
Previous Episode: Gone in 6 Seconds
Next Episode: Python

Corrupted Memory is the seventh episode in season two of CSI: Cyber.


Ryan and Russell are called to investigate when a woman is murdered while video-chatting her parents. As the investigation takes an unusual turn, the team study sex toys infected with malware, while Avery is tasked with interviewing and profiling an agoraphobic witness and Nelson's brother asks him for help.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Matt Lanter as Tristan Jenkins
  • Kathleen Early as Georgia Stevens
  • Arjay Smith as Jordan Nelson
  • Bruce Nozick as Gil Stevens
  • Marc Fajardo as CSI
  • V.J. Foster as Charlie Roth
  • Lak Rana as Neil Tomlin
  • Kimberly Whalen as Isabel

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