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Clue: SI
WriterSteven Lilien,
Bryan Wynbrandt
DirectorOz Scott
Original AirdateNovember 9, 2012
Previous Episode: The Lady in the Lake
Next Episode: Late Admissions

Clue: SI is the seventh episode in season nine of CSI: NY.


When a psychiatrist’s patients are being systematically murdered, the CSIs are forced to play along in a game of Clue in order to catch the killer.


The body of ballerina Ellen White is found dangling over the stage at the Conservatory of Dance. Evidence shows she was strangled before being strung up, and all of the suspects from the conservatory were in practice at the time of the murder. Black powder from the rope is consistent with pre-Civil War gunpowder, which connects this case to another murder; an unidentified young woman was shot in Hell’s Kitchen with an 1830 Pepperbox Revolver. These two women have nothing in common, and the methods of murder are completely different—but the deaths are related.

The second victim is Lisa Weston, and she has a new type of anti-depressant in her system that leads them to her psychiatrist, Dr Emerson. Lisa was bipolar, but she was doing better. Mac asks about Ellen White, and Dr Emerson reveals that the young woman was also her patient. Adam is able to track the revolver, which was bought by Dr Emerson herself. Flack and Lovato head to her office to bring her in, but she’s not there.

Mac gets a call to let him know a third body has been found. Shane Simmons is another one of Dr Emerson’s patients. He was hit over the head with a candlestick and left on the putting green. There’s a whisker from a snow leopard, which leads them to the zoo. The man in charge of the snow leopards is not the killer, but his car is part of a program called Go Ride. Another man who rented the car, Steve Davis, was a former patient of Dr Emerson. They head to his apartment and find Dr Emerson tied up in the closet. Steve has gone after his next target: Emerson’s fiancé Clayton, a professor at Chelsea University. Armed with this information, the team is able to reach the scene in time; they capture Steve, and Clayton survives.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Natalie Martinez as Jamie Lovato
  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Jake Thomas as Steve Davis
  • Tara Summers as Dr. Carly Emerson
  • Benjamin Ciaramello as Sam Cross
  • Joe Nieves as Robby Hull
  • Ariana Emnace as Alexa Holdman
  • Harry Corrigan as Shane Simmons
  • Jay Boyer as Clayton
  • Corsica Wilson as Young Girl
  • Devon Bagby as Young Steve Davis
  • Valeska Mosich-Miller as Dancer #1
  • Rosette Laursen as Dancer #2
  • Sierra Hoyle asEllen White
  • Kira Legg as Ballerina
  • Chelsea O'Toole as Ballerina
  • Christopher Warren as Jonas Stark
  • Michelle Winters as Jane Doe/Scarlet

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