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|path = Serial Killer<br>Budding [[Spree Killer]]
|path = [[Serial Killer]]<br>Budding [[Spree Killer]]
|status= Deceased
|status= Deceased
|actor=[[Wikipedia:Joey Lawrence|Joey Lawrence]]
|actor=[[Wikipedia:Joey Lawrence|Joey Lawrence]]

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Minor Character: New York
Name Clay Dobson
Gender Male
Birth Date December 26, 1978
CityNew York
Occupation Architect
Pathology Serial Killer
Budding Spree Killer
Modus Operandi {{{mo}}}
No. of Victims {{{victims}}}
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Joey Lawrence
First Appearance Past Imperfect

"I cut off their eyelids so they had to look at me while they died, OK?"

Clay Dobson was a serial killer and budding spree killer in season three of CSI: NY.


Clay had previously murdered Lauren Henning a few years before and was convicted based solely on the confession he made to the investigator, Detective Dean Truby, but his conviction was overturned when Truby landed in jail. As a result he resumes killing, starting with Emma Pierce. He was later apprehended by Mac while trying to abduct and murder Katie Lawrence.

Once Clay is apprehended on a rooftop and after being handcuffed, Clay intentionally falls off the roof in an attempt to frame Mac for murder. When he crashes onto the roof of a squad car, Flack and other officers look up to see Mac looking down, horrified. It was originally thought that Mac had thrown him off the roof, but he was later cleared. During this a man charges at Mac and reveals that Clay also killed his daughter, Lily.

Modus Operandi

Though his methods of murder vary, Clay usually cuts off the eyelids of his victims with a modeling knife before killing them. His second and third victims also had their heads wrapped with packing tape.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified dates in 2002:
    • Lily Hartley
    • Lauren Henning
  • April 2007:
    • Emma Pierce
    • Katie Lawrence (attempted)
    • Mac Taylor (stuggled with and assaulted trying to escape)


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Total 3

Behind the Scenes

Clay was portrayed by Joey Lawrence.

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