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Minor Character: Miami
Name Clavo Cruz
Gender Male
Family Ramon Cruz (Half-Brother)
Antonio Cruz (Adoptive Father; Deceased)
Dona Marta Cruz (Mother)
Joseph Trevi (Biological Father)
Pedro Salvado (Cousin)
Occupation Murderer
Drug Dealer
Diamond Smuggler
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Gonzalo Menendez
First Appearance Blood Brothers

Clavo Cruz. Cruz claims Horatio Caine cannot arrest him due to diplomatic immunity. Horatio Caine first manages to arrest his "brother" Ramon Cruz, when he makes the mistake of traveling into international waters. Finally Horatio arrests Clavo as well when it turns out he is not Antonio's son. Clavo later escapes.

In the season 5 episode, Man Down, after his biological father abandoned him and had nothing to live for, Clavo approaches Horatio with his gun drawn, knowing Horatio would shoot him; effectively committing suicide by cop.

Modus Opernadi

Clavo had methods varied when he killed his victims (Tess Kimbel was killed after he ran her over with his car, and a corrections officer was stabbed to death with a shank). He later shot his victims with a gun he took from a bailiff. His proxy victims were also killed differently (i.e., strangled by a snake Clavo brought into the country, drug overdosing, bombing, and shooting).

Known Victims

  • Tess Kimbel (killed by running her over with his car)
  • Unnamed corrections officer (stabbed to death)
  • Unnamed bailiff (injured him with an explosion, then personally killed him for his gun)
  • Cathy Gibson (abducted and left her to die in the ocean; was rescued)
  • Antonio Cruz (his adopted father; shot to death)

Victims by Proxy

The following were either killed by Clavo's men or because of circumstances surrounding him

  • Tanya Fhumn (strangled by a snake that Clavo ordered to be brought into the country)
  • The party overdosing (two fatalities):
    • Kevin
    • Unnamed partygoer
  • The weapons truck bombing (two fatalities):
    • Officer Matt Cranby (killed in the explosion rigged by Richard Williams)
    • Officer Chris Ryder (shot once in the chest by Pedro Salvado)
  • The parking lot shooting (no fatalities):
    • Horatio Caine
    • Eric Delko (attempted, but barely survived; shot in the leg by a sniper and in the head by Stan Keeler)


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