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Civilized Lies
WriterJohn Dove
DirectorJerry Levine
Original AirdateJanuary 11, 2013
Previous Episode: Command+P
Next Episode: Nine Thirteen

Civilized Lies is the twelfth episode in season nine of CSI: NY.


When a beloved off-duty NYPD officer perishes in a robbery, the CSIs use the art of interrogation to break down their suspects and get to the truth.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Natalie Martinez as Jamie Lovato
  • Gary Kraus as Mark Riley
  • Grant Harvey as Eric Blaylock
  • Kris Lemche as Anthony Lombardo
  • Riccardo Lebron as Roland Benitez
  • Chris Brochu as Jason Riley
  • Jarrod Crawford as Surgeon On TV
  • Candice M. Arnwine as Police Officer
  • Motondo as Police Officer
  • Elizabeth Kouri as Detective #2

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