Child's Play

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Child's Play
Child's Play
WriterAnthony E. Zuiker
DirectorJeffrey G. Hunt
Original Airdate12 December, 2007

Child's Play is the eleventh episodes of the fourth season of CSI: NY.


An Internet entrepreneur is killed by an exploding cigar, and Danny's neighbor's son is killed while under his care by a stray bullet fired in a bodega robbery.


A double barrell of childhood tragedy as a buisnessman is killed by an exploding cigar and a kid one of the team knows is killed during a botched robbery.

All evidence in the cigar case leads to 'laughing Larry' a joke shop owner with a penchant for bringing disappointment more than smiles, including to a few members of the team. When Larry is cleared the team suspect he was not the killer but was supposed to be the victim of the explosive. The team follows Larrys lead to the chinese fire work runners whom Larry owes money, but as the dead can't pay anything back they are dropped as suspects and deported. They eventually track the perp down by finding out who bought is rather exspensive cigars used for the bomb and bring Larry to identify him in a line up behind a two way mirror.

When the perp is singled out he walks up to the mirror and shows that he knows it's Larry who singled him out, and reveals why exactly he wanted to kill the jolly joke shop owner.

Years ago when comics still did advertisments for toys and practical jokes Larry advertised his products himself. Usually to the disipointment of children who spent their money on junk. The perp as a child along with his best friend want to buy a supposed submarine that was advertised in the back of one such comic, but when they got it one of the two was dismayed to see that it was just a bunch of cardboard, not likely to take them on an underwater adventure like Larry said it would. His friend still wanted to believe and when the sub was built used it to set out into a small lake, the carboard vessel soon sank and with it the kid inside who couldn't swim.

The perp tells Larry that he promised himself that he would protect his own child no matter what. Which cost him his marriage, angry at something that was ultimatly Larrys fault he bought the cigars, turned one into a bomb, gave it too Larry who almost immediatly passed it on to the victim who he was trying to do business with. The perp tried to save him but was too late.

Before he is taken away, in front of a horrified Larry and the team (one of whom is more understanding as he dealt with Larrys shody products as a kid too) that when he's in prison. He'll pray every day that Larry never laughs again.

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