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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Charlie Russell
Name Charlie Russell
Gender Male
Family D.B. Russell (father)
Barbara Russell (mother)
Maya Russell (sister)
Kaitlyn Russell (niece)
Two unnamed siblings
CityLas Vegas
Status Alive
Portrayed By Brandon W. Jones
First Appearance Brain Doe
Charlie Russell is the son of D.B. Russell in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


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Season Twelve

Brain Doe

In this episode, Charlie is seen for the first time after being mentioned by Russell in several episodes. It is revealed that he has been suspended from playing basketball by his coach after partying late one night. Russell is worried by this but he manages to make Charlie apologise to his coach for his actions.

Trends with Benefits

Charlie appears in this episode because one of his classmates is murdered. It is also shown that Charlie knew Julie Finlay, as Russell and Julie worked with each other in Oregon.

In the end of the episode, a teacher who is proven to have raped his student isn't arrested as the victim decided to drop the charges, this leaves Russell and Charlie feeling angry. But Charlie shows him various statuses on Twitter and Facebook of the teacher being accused of rape and being degraded and is subsequently fired following the allegations, this makes Russell and Charlie happy, knowing he received justice.

Season Thirteen

Karma to Burn

Charlie returns home with his mother, Barbara, after hearing his niece has been kidnapped. She is eventually saved by the LVPD and Charlie along with the rest of his family welcome her back home.

Pick and Roll

Charlie becomes a suspect when his basketball coach is murdered.

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