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Hodges "This isn't enough evidence."
This article is Trace Evidence. You can help the Crime Lab by investigating it further.

Charge of this Post
WriterTimothy J. Lea
DirectorRob Bailey
Original AirdateMay 17, 2006
Previous Episode: Heroes
Next Episode: People With Money

Charge of this Post is the 24th, and also the last episode in Season 2 of the American crime drama CSI: NY.


While Mac and Flack are investigating the crime scene, Mac discovers a large amount of explosive. While evacuating the building, the bomb detonates, severely damaging the building and injuring the CSIs, especially Flack. Danny identifies the bomb as C-4, which is a military-grade explosive. Mac receives a call from the bomber, saying that another bomb is going to go off at 1600 hours, which leaves only 3 hours for the CSI's to find the location. He attempts to trace the call, but the calling phone has been switched off. However, he then uses an override to switch it back on.

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