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WriterElizabeth Devine,
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateNovember 8, 2001

Caged is the seventh episode in season two of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom and Nick investigate the death of a book restorer who was found dead in a locked library cage. Her autistic co-worker turns out to be a very reliable eyewitness - and a potential suspect. Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara handle the case of a young woman who was killed when her car was hit by a train and appears to have been pushed in its way.


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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
  • Robert David Hall as Dr. Al Robbins
  • Skip O'Brien as Detective Ray O'Riley
  • Archie Kao as Archie Johnson
  • Wayne Wilderson as Edwin
  • Currie Graham as Stanley Hunter
  • David Dunard as Train Engineer
  • John Duerler as Croft
  • Tsianina Joelson as Megan Treadwell
  • María Celedonio as Melanie
  • Michael A. Goorjian as Aaron Pratt
  • Faline England as Wendy
  • Nicole Cannon as Veronica Bradley
  • DC Ford as Officer (uncredited)


  • Hell Above Water by Curve.

Notes Edit

  • It is hinted that Grissom has Asperger's Syndrome, (a form of autism), although his is considerably milder than Aaron Pratt's. This makes Grissom fixation with insects (which led him to study entomology) and his solitary lifestyle easier to understand.

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