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Character SpoilersEdit

Character pages should not be created in advance of their appearance on the show. If a character who has previously appeared on the show is appearing in an upcoming episode but does not yet have an article, you may create this. This article should not contain any information about the upcoming appearance until after it has happened.

Episode SpoilersEdit

Episode PagesEdit

Episode pages should only be created for the next episode to be released. This includes uploading images for said episode page.

Episode ListsEdit

Future episode names can be added to the episode list pages but must be kept hidden. This does not apply to the next episode to be released. As an example: season 13 has not began airing but the episode names for the first six episodes are known. They have been added to the episode list pages but have been kept hidden, except for the first episode "Karma to Burn" because this is the next episode to be released.

General SpoilersEdit

If you have any spoilers that you are unable to add to the relevant pages due to the restrictions enforced by this policy, you may add them here.

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