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Article NotabilityEdit

Not everything within the CSI franchise deserves an article. We determine what articles need to be created depending on the subjects notability. As a general rule of thumb;

Articles are created for:

  • Main Characters
  • Recurring Characters
  • Guest Characters (Must have a name, should not be a victim)
  • Seasons
  • Episodes
  • Locations
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Crew

Articles are not created for:

  • Victims (Unless the victim is notable)
  • Cases (Cases can be collected in a single list, one per show)
  • Vehicles (Vehicles can be collected in a single list)
  • Weapons (Weapons can be collected in a single list)
  • Events (Events should be described through character and episode articles)

Episode ArticleEdit

Example Episode Article

Character ArticleEdit

Example Character Article

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