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CSI: Deadly Intent is a computer game based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation television series. It's the seventh CSI game released, including CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. It was released for Microsoft Windows on October 20, 2009 and for Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii on October 27, 2009.

The game corresponds with the 9th season of the television series and includes the characters of Raymond Langston (voiced by Laurence Fishburne) and Riley Adams.


Case 1: Broken Hearted

In case 1, a bride named Lynn Bowder has been murdered in a hotel room. You work with Nick Stokes. The evidence leads to a paroled Vegas visitor named Airam Dominguez, who came to Vegas and sold his truck for $2000 and spent it all alongside the victim, the night manager of the hotel, Charles Steer, and the victim's old friend, Kathy Burd, who is a bartender at Pleasure City, where the victim did a little work at. The murder weapon was an ashtray that was broken when the killer smashed it on Airam's head. When the killer was discovered to be Kathy, she tries to throw them off by proclaiming Charles did it, but after Charles hands his shoes over which had a piece of the ashtray, a fingerprint comes back to Kathy. She killed Lynn when she pushed her away and Charles offered to clean up the mess while Kathy tried to wash the blood off herself in a shower.

Case 2: Coulda Been A Contender

A referee named Rick Shimada was found dead in the fighting ring. You work with Greg Sanders in this case. The evidence points to an angry fighter named Hank Hackett, a mysterious ring girl named Tina Allens, and the league owner, Horace Willingham. Suspect Hank Hackett is murdered halfway through the case, making this a double homicide.

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