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Administrators, or Sysops, are the admins of a Wiki.

What they can do

  • Ban users
  • Revert edits
  • Protect pages
  • Delete pages
  • Change the skin
  • Edit protected pages

What they should never do

  • Ban a user unjustly, or to settle an arguement
  • Delete/Undelete pages without a good reason
  • Revert edits when they aren't vandalism


Bureaucrats are basically Sysops who can turn other users into sysops, rollbacks, or bureaucrats.

What they should never do

  • Give a user rights without a good reason

List of CSI Wiki Admins


Sunny Fire
Remember just contact them if you need help. Happy Editing!


Ect. (Bureaucrat as well)
Jenx222 (Bureaucrat as well)
Darth Kieduss the Wise (Bureaucrat as well)
GroceryBag (Bureaucrat as well)
Sec 1971 (Bureaucrat as well)
Kanamekun (Bureaucrat as well)

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