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Burn Out
Burn Out
WriterJacqueline Hoyt
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateNovember 2, 2006
Previous Episode: Double Cross
Next Episode: Post Mortem

Burn Out is the sixth episode in season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Synopsis Edit

Two young boys, a Caucasian and a Black, go missing. Later, a known pedophile, Carl Fisher, who lives in the neighborhood is found to be an arson victim. In an attempt to extract his confession, Brass and Grissom ask for Fisher's help in catching the boys' abductor. Meanwhile, Brass questions the boys' families and is left to sift through their complicated family backgrounds. However, the case turns out to be much more complicated than Grissom or the rest of the CSI team ever expected.

Plot Edit

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Terrance Crowley: I was defending myself.
Sofia: Against a pair of sixth-graders?
Terrance Crowley: You damn right.


  • When Gil Grissom lies down on the couch, his head is next to a lit desk lamp, most people who have migraines can't have any source of light, as it causes the headache to be more intense.

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