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WriterDavid Rambo
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original Airdate18 March, 2008

Bull is the eleventh episode of the eighth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Two murders that happen during Las Vegas' annual bull riding rodeo are investigated by the CSIs, who find that the murders might be connected to illegal bull breeding.

Full SummaryEdit

When a successful cowboy, Cody Latshaw, turns up dead only hours after getting thrown from a bull, the CSIs move in to investigate. Though the bull definitely did a number on him, a later injury to his neck killed him. Soon, another murder is tied to Cody's: his prostitute ex-girlfriend Tiffany, who died in a hit and run accident. Cody's truck has damage to its front end, leading the CSIs to believe he was responsible for her death. To make things even more complicated, the dead girlfriend's pimp Ricky is found dead the following day of a shotgun wound at a local bar.

Troy, another cowboy Tiffany had just met and was about to run off with and marry, confesses to killing Ricky, mistakenly believing the pimp had prevented Tiffany from showing up at their wedding. And though it appeared that Cody was the one who ran Tiffany down as she was on her way to the chapel, two other men who worked for the rodeo were really behind the wheel.

The night of the two murders, they were trying to rob bull owners of some valuable semen, and a drunken Cody interrupted them. One punch on top of Cody's earlier injury was all it took to kill him, and the two men tried to make it look like an accident. Later, as they rushed their bull "product" to their buyer, they hit Tiffany as she crossed the street, killing her.


  • Catherine used to date a bull rider.
  • Grissom is a fan of cowboy poetry.
  • Goof: Cash takes Cody's pulse with the back of his fingers on the nail-side but finding a pulse in that position isn't possible. His hand also changes from nail-side to fingerprint-side touching Cody's neck between shots.
  • The singer performing the National Anthem at the beginning of this episode is Jewel Kilcher. Jewel's long-time boyfriend, retired professional bull rider and PBR president Ty Murray, also appears as himself in this episode.
  • The check stub found in the dead bull rider's truck has an error. It shows the zip code for Elk City, OK as 93644, but that's the zip code for Oakhurst, CA. So 73644 would be correct zip for Elk City.
  • This was the last episode completed before the WGA strike that started on November 5, 2007.
  • The pre-production name for this episode was, "Booty and The Beast."
  • The Poem: "I can't help now but wonder what your brown eyes were concealing. They just showed me reflections of all that I was feeling. Our bodies close together like my right hand in my glove. Heart pounding with excitement and dare I say it love. I know I'll never own you it's your nature to run free. But I'll pray the lord above that one day you'll come back to me. Then we'll ride off in glory until our time is done. And I will be your hero, your cowboy in the sun."


  • Greg: Cowboys, cattle rustling, and now a shooting at the dance hall.
  • Nick: Welcome to the Wild West.

  • Hodges: Cowboy had a roll in the hay. Either he's messy or ... uh ... we could have a "Brokeback Mountain" situation.
  • Catherine: Oh, God, that movie made me cry.
  • Hodges: Me, too. You know, it takes a big man to admit that. And I am that man.

  • Brass: Well, this is a new one for me. This is the first time I caught me a rustler.

  • Nick (slaps Ricky's arm): I didn't take you for a country music fan, yee-haw. (leaves)

  • Grissom: He was living the American dream. Every kid has always wanted to grow up to be a cowboy.
  • Brass: Not a dead cowboy.

  • Hodges (walks in with his hands full of ropes tied to cowbells, impersonating Christopher Walken very effectively): More cowbell!

  • Wendy: Hey buckaroos, have you seen Catherine? Because I just got the results from that semen stain on Cody Latshaw's jeans.
  • Nick: Come up with a match?
  • Wendy: I did. I had to run an Ouchterlony test on it.
  • Greg: So, not from a human donor?
  • Wendy: No, no, bovine. (Nick and Greg look appalled) Yeah. I took a psychobiology class once and we studied a very interesting case. Okay, there was a guy who lived on a farm, and literally the only way this guy could get sexually satisfied was when he was with livestock. (Nick tries to interrupt)
  • Nick: Hey, I'm good...
  • Wendy (growing more enthusiastic as she continues): Apparently the whole thing started one day because he was in the barn and it started snowing, he got stuck in there and couldn't make his way back to the farmhouse so he decided that he would try and stay warm... well, with a sheep. (Nick just looks at Wendy) But then the horses were jealous, so, you know... And I think there was a cow in there as well...
  • Greg: You know, I think we got the picture.
  • Nick: I wish I didn't.

  • Nick (after Grissom read Cody's poem): It's not Shakespeare.
  • Grissom: I'm actually a fan of cowboy poetry.
  • Nick: Are you really?
  • Grissom: Yeah, it's just a way of organizing your thoughts and feelings so that you can make sense of them.
  • Nick: Sounds like Cody was trying to make sense of his girl leaving him.
  • Grissom (returning the poetry letter to Nick): Yeah well, poetry can help you with that, too.


  • William Petersen ... Gil Grissom
  • Marg Helgenberger ... Catherine Willows
  • Gary Dourdan ... Warrick Brown
  • George Eads ... Nick Stokes
  • Eric Szmanda ... Greg Sanders
  • Robert David Hall ... Dr. Al Robbins
  • Wallace Langham ... David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle ... Captain Jim Brass

Recurring CastEdit

  • Liz Vassey ... Wendy Simms
  • Archie Kao ... Archie Johnson
  • David Berman ... David Phillips

Guest StarringEdit

  • Jewel ... Herself
  • Nicole Sullivan ... Nancy Twicker
  • Eric Pierpoint ... Cash Dooley
  • Julie Brown ... Connie Dellaquilla
  • Tamara Braun ... Coco
  • Joseph Campanella ... Grissley Geezer
  • James Hiroyuki Liao ... Erik "Precious Ricky" Hong
  • Ty Murray ... Himself
  • Patrick McGaw ... Cody Latshaw
  • Chuck Hittinger ... Troy Birkhart
  • Brendan Wayne ... Dustin Lightfoot
  • Shane Conrad ... J.J. Milton
  • Shooter Jennings ... Himself
  • Robby Turner ... Himself
  • Ryan Wariner ... Himself
  • Bryan Keeling ... Himself
  • Faren Miller ... Himself
  • Garry Murray ... Himself
  • Colin Kim ... Officer Choi
  • Libby Mintz ... Buckle Bunny #2
  • Whitnee Patterson ... Tiffany Rigdon
  • Rachael C. Smith ... Buckle Bunny #1
  • Candice Cunningham ... Bride (uncredited)
  • Anna Lucinska ... Cowboy Girl (uncredited)
  • Christopher J. Smith ... Best Man (uncredited)

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