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#REDIRECT[[Built to Kill, Part 1]]
|title = Built to Kill, Part 1
|season = 7
|series = Las Vegas
|number = 1
|image = Built.jpg
|writer = [[David Rambo]]
|director = [[Kenneth Fink]]
|date = September 21, 2006
'''Built to Kill, Part 1 '''is the first episode of the seventh season of {{LV}}. It it the first part of a two-part story continuing in [[Built to Kill, Part 2]].
Foul play is suspected when an apparent suicide victim still has the gun in his hand, and a flower delivery woman is found crushed to death in the middle of a Cirque du Soleil performance.
When an ambitious dancer is killed, the CSI team must learn the inner workings of the famous show [[KÀ]] by [[Cirque Du Soleil]] to find out who killed her. Two other team members investigate the apparent suicide of a man at a party hosted by [[Sam Braun]]. [[Jim Brass|Brass]] receives the [[Medal of Valor]] for the bullet he took and the hostage he saved in the [[season 6]] episode [["Bang-Bang"]].
After the case is solved and closed, [[Catherine]] and [[Nick Stokes|Nick]] go out for a dance, while [[Grissom]] and [[Sara Sidle|Sara]] investigate a murder. Catherine, at the bar, returns to her drink while Nick dances with a young blonde. The bartender informs Catherine that a young man wishes to buy her next drink; she refuses, and everything blurs for her and goes black. She then wakes up in a hotel room, naked, and begins to process herself and the room; she takes a shower, and cries. The end of the episode also shows the beginning of the murder scene of rock 'n' roll star, Izzy Delancy (played by [[Danny Bonaduce]]). Grissom also discovers that the murder scene has been made into a smaller miniature model, identical to the murder scene itself. The scene also cuts to Brass in a tattoo parlour, having the date of his shooting (May 11, 2006) tattooed just below the scar of the bullet.
At the end of the episode [[John Mayer]] plays his single [[Waiting on the World to Change]] in a bar. At the very end, he is also heard playing Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, another song from his 2006 album, [[Continuum]]. The end of this is heard at the beginning of the next episode.
*This episode marks the introduction of the [[Miniature Killer]].
==See Also==
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