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Brooklyn 'Till I Die
CSI NY - Brooklyn 'Til I Die
WriterAaron Rahsaan Thomas
DirectorEric Laneuville
Original AirdateFebruary 3, 2012
Previous Episode: Who's There?
Next Episode: The Ripple Effect

Brooklyn 'Till I Die is the twelfth episode in the eight season of CSI: NY.


The CSIs investigate when a role-playing game turns lethal, with one player falling victim to a bona fide killer and the other kidnapped and held for ransom.


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Main CastEdit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Ben Bledsoe as Preston Seville, Jr.
  • Jerry Kernion as Lonnie Tucci
  • Jamie Hill as Michelle Lewis
  • Richard Portnow as Preston Seville, Sr.
  • Gene Farber as Jake Williams
  • Matt McKane as George Williams
  • Patrick St. Esprit as Gerald Branson
  • James Logan as Thin Man
  • Frankie Shaw as Kelly Rose
  • James Ellis Lane as Ray Nelson
  • Jaret Sacrey as Stan Whitney

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