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Body Count
WriterIldy Modrovich,
Laurence Walsh
DirectorJoe Chappelle
Original AirdateMay 19, 2003
Previous Episode: Freaks and Tweaks
Next Episode: Blood Brothers

Body Count is the twenty-fourth episode in season one finale of CSI: Miami.


The trouble begins when an inmate is stabbed to death in the prison yard. Shortly after Horatio arrives on the scene, a helicopter appears above the correctional facility. He immediately fears that the murder was a decoy to set up an escape. That's confirmed as three prisoners hop aboard the chopper and flee. As the investigation gets underway, the identities of the fugitives become known and a horrible realization sweeps over Horatio: Two of the escapees are cold-blooded killers who already have their next victims picked out.


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Main Cast

 Guest Cast

  • Sofia Milos as Yelina Salas
  • Holt McCallany as John Hagen
  • William O'Leary as Stewart Otis
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Stacy Haiduk as Dawn Kaye
  • James Pickens Jr. as Prison Warden
  • D.B. Sweeney as Simon Bishop
  • Aisha Tyler as Janet Medrano
  • Troy Evans as Butch
  • Tessa Allen as Emma Kaye
  • Maurice Compte as Guillermo Soriano
  • Geoff Meed as Hank Kerner
  • John Eddins as Dan Clarkson
  • Scott Adsit as Izzy
  • Don Brunner as Burly C.O.
  • Cristos Andrew as Inmate #1
  • Bryn Lauren Lemon as School Girl
  • Saafir as Mega-G
  • Tomiko Martinez as Female Tech
  • Cisco Reyes as Joe Aviar
  • Shenika Williams as Delicious
  • Marki Ann Meyer as Robyn Kaye
  • Rachel Rogers as Ruthie Crighton
  • Charles Tamburro as Bryce Kaye
  • Kenny Alexander as Randall Kaye

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