Bite Me

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Bite Me
WriterJosh Berman, Carol Mendelsohn, and Josh Berman
DirectorJeffrey G. Hunt
Original AirdateOctober 6, 2005
Previous Episode: Room Service
Next Episode: Shooting Stars

Bite Me is the third episode of season 6 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


The CSIs investigate a man's claim that his wife fell down a set of stairs in their home.


  • Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)- Aqualung
  • Pinch Roller (Interlude)- Kasabian


  • Nick: Quick. How many teeth in the human mouth?
  • Catherine: Without wisdoms? 28.
  • Nick: Yep, and the 28 teeth in Becky's mouth do not match the bite impressions on her husband's body.
  • Catherine: I guess Ray found himself another set of pearly whites.

  • Doc Robbins: If my full autopsy confirms murder you may be looking at the first serial stairway killer.

  • Brass: Now look, I just came from the DA and I gotta tell ya, he's already made up his mind. Husband and wife home alone, all that blood, shaky alibi, plus he says he just looks guilty.
  • Grissom: How does one look guilty?
  • Brass: You know, I'm just the messenger, what do you think the chances are that he didn't do it?
  • Catherine: Well, what do you think the chances are that we're going to give you an answer before all the evidence is in?

  • Brass: Mr. Stein, does your son-in-law have a temper?
  • Grandpa Stein: Do I have to answer that?
  • Brass: You just did.

  • Catherine: Tequila will always remind me of Señor Frog's.
  • Brass: Which one?
  • Catherine: Cancun. My honeymoon, my dime.
  • Brass: If you ever wanna go back, it's on me.
  • Catherine: Is that a proposal?

  • Grissom: That's odd. A man and a woman who don't share a bedroom arrange to have a night alone, send their daughter to a relative, go out to dinner, have drinks by the pool but they sleep in seperate bedrooms.
  • Sara: Maybe one of them snored or had insomnia or liked to work at night.
  • Grissom: Maybe they were suffocating each other and he couldn't breathe. (Sara opens a drawer and finds a bottle of lubricant)
  • Sara: Sexual lubricant. It's half empty, sticky. You know you don't have to sleep in the same bed together to have sex (Grissom makes a face) or...have romance.
  • Grissom: I'm gonna go see the doctor.

  • Grissom: Well, you've given me a lot of information doc and none of it very helpful.

  • Catherine [to Grissom]: What are you thinking?
  • Grissom: Led Zeppelin... (everyone looks at a dead woman lying on a set of stairs) ...Stairway to Heaven.

  • Catherine: Lovers and co-workers, that never works.

  • Mr. Lester: Rosy Palm and Thumbelina are the only action I get. (holds up his right hand)

  • Henry: I guess you're kind of a role model for me.
  • Greg: A role model, huh?
  • Henry: Yeah. By the way, where do you get your hair cut?

  • David: Twice as many people die from falling down stairs as from accidental gunfire.
  • Brass: You didn't just get back from one of those coroners' conferences, did you?


  • William Petersen ... Gil Grissom
  • Marg Helgenberger ... Catherine Willows
  • Gary Dourdan ... Warrick Brown
  • George Eads ... Nick Stokes
  • Jorja Fox ... Sara Sidle
  • Eric Szmanda ... Greg Sanders
  • Robert David Hall ... Dr. Al Robbins
  • Wallace Langham ... David Hodges
  • Paul Guilfoyle ... Captain Jim Brass

Recurring CastEdit

  • Marc Vann ... Conrad Ecklie
  • Erik Jensen ... A.D.A. Jeffrey Sinclair
  • Archie Kao ... Archie Johnson
  • David Berman ... David Phillips

Guest StarringEdit

  • Alan Rachins ... Grandpa Stein
  • Reed Diamond ... Ray Lester
  • Skye McCole Bartusiak ... Susan Lester
  • Seamus Dever ... Adam Gilford
  • Hudson Leick ... Dr. Jeri "Buffy" Cohen
  • Abigail Spencer ... Becky Lester
  • Jon Wellner ... Henry Andrews
  • Jeff Bass ... Paramedic Bass
  • Mitchell Fink ... Paramedic Fink
  • Mary Jo Mrochinski ... Ms. Karpell

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